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Fingerless gloves for Fall/Winter- 08.16.07

So while doing my usual daily online shopping/browsing (NotCouture is my excuse…), I can’t help but notice some trends. Today fingerless gloves grabbed my attention because I came across like 10 different pairs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many before in past seasons. Jean theorizes it’s because of the proliferation of Blackberries and iPhones and whatnot, and it’s very difficult to txt using regular gloves. I think it’s perhaps for those fashiony types who need to keep their hands warm while going out for a smoke in the cold winters of NYC..? But I don’t have an explanation for why I suddenly want a pair of these… I don’t smoke and I don’t have a Blackberry or iPhone! Pictured above (from left to right) are the Whitney arm warmers by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior Homme runway sleeves, and fingerless gloves by Generra.

Even more fingerless gloves after the jump!

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these are fantastic!!! edgy and very interesting….

i was thinking that if you wanted to save money a good way to make a pair of these gloves would be to buy a pair of legwarmers and just cut a hole for your thumb…since they are made for your legs they would be kind of big at the top, but maybe that could be stylish, since the style is kind of hobo-chic.

thanks so much for posting this, i love it! :)

----- Molly 20.09.08 11:46

These are awesome! There’s another company selling ones that work great for boys as well, they’re even calling them bumgloves. :)
Check out www.bumgloves.com, I got a pair and it’s the total ice-breaker at parties. They came in a brown paperbag. I cracked up! :)
And they donate to homeless shelters, so that rocks.

----- Daniel 21.06.08 04:57

I found some very unique ones made by a woman called Mo. Cher buys them
from her too. She sells them at a store called Morning Glory in Burlingame.
Very retro prints, leopard, beautiful buttons…love them.

----- sandy 23.03.08 16:46

Hey you guys!!
As interesting as these fingerless gloves are, you should also check us out- U-Palmit(tm). The Inventor got her start in the fashion industry when she was disabled! The gloves are flexible, and aerodynamic- available in all fabrics. Thanks so much for visiting upalmit.com!! BTW anyone of you famous? We need you now.

----- Iris 23.02.08 10:12

I fell in love with these things back when I saw Rose from Doctor Who wearing them. Was that really only 2006?

Hobo gloves, yes. I always liked that look, though. I used to cut the fingers off regular gloves but they of course would unravel.

I own a few pairs of “real” fingerless gloves now and I love them.

----- Kelly 19.12.07 19:16

dapperdigits are quite affordable. They also let you customize.

----- annee 05.09.07 22:07

Urban Outfitters has plenty of affordable ones, though of course you’ll be stuck with acrylic rather than cashmere and wool. Or if you can wait a few weeks, Alice Temperley designed a pair for her collection at Target.

----- shadeelaine 29.08.07 16:48

where can I find ones with more… erhh… affordable prices?

----- Camila 29.08.07 15:16

I will certainly get a few pairs this season.

----- At home with Kim Vallee 20.08.07 20:26

hey fellas, just wear them appropriatly and the ones that aren’t extra femenin will still look awsome. I am a large man of a man and I only se 2 up there that would be difficult for guys to pull off. the phillip lim and the martin margiela’s could still be part tucked into a sleeve and work fine.

----- skiptomygroove 17.08.07 13:11

The ones in the middle of the first picture are for guys (Dior Homme). Also, the 3.1 Phillip Lim gloves with the button appear to be unisex.

----- shadeelaine 17.08.07 01:01

these are hobo gloves, no matter what Marc Jacobs tries to call them. what about for the dudes?!

----- Amit 16.08.07 23:03

ahhh. love those! perfect for students too because it keeps the hands and fingers warm enough to write with.

curses for being a boy though.

----- Victor 16.08.07 21:28

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