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Dolce & Gabbana Corset- 08.22.07

dgcorset.jpgDolce & Gabbana Metal Corset Belt. Wow. I just noticed this insane metal corset on the cover of Wired’s Fashion Rocks supplement at Dan’s house and snagged it. Curious to find out more, i found it at Bergdorf Goodman - it is $8,800 with the Metallic Lace Dress and $1,995 with the Black Chiffon Dress over at Neiman Marcus. But really check out the image below of JLo wearing it over a grey tank and p/leather pants? I think its hard not to stare at it ~ kind of over chromed medieval styling?


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Omg finally a clear picture. I need one of these for my Gaga cosplay - she wore one in the paparazzi MV when she gets wheeled in on a wheelchair.

So… wish me luck in my attempt to replicate this in under 50 SGD!

----- Natsu 08.03.12 09:18

Hey, i know it wouldnt be D&G but you could probs get that made to your custom size from somewhere like www.thekinghtshop.com, or any specialist metal shop, wouldnt be D&G but you could have a pattern or your own logo or name on it :) a truly unique item

----- SMile 23.01.12 08:28

does anybody know where I can get this belt now??

----- constance 20.07.09 22:19

Not sure if anyone is still interested, but I’ve seen this belt on Ebay. It’s just gorgeous, wish it was within my price range… :sighs: I’ll stick to my more mild purchases (like selling enough of my old junk on ebay to afford a gorgoeus pair of Dolce & Gabbana pumps ;) Good luck hunting!

----- Emily 30.07.08 00:28

does anyone know ,where i can find this belt

----- maria 20.05.08 06:08

OOOOO. Please does anyone know where I can find this belt? I totally need this like last week!!! I dont care the price I HAVE to have this? So anyone with info please help me

----- Shawan 01.02.08 06:21

iiiiiiii neeeed this belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- chanel 29.01.08 20:03

Hi 909A,

I’m interested.
Where are you from? I myself come from Switzerland. If a delivery to Switzerland possible?

My email address: limited1415@hotmail.com


----- RH 09.01.08 04:09

Hellow girls , any one willing to sell this belt for 1300$ plllzzz contact meeee….. thanx

----- 9o9a 01.01.08 05:21

where can this belt be purchased UNDER $1,000.00??????

----- Eve 13.12.07 17:28

At the risk of sounding like that paragon of intellectual excellence, Paris Hilton, I think the corset is incredibly hot! Does it look a bit uncomfortable? Yes, but such is the purpose of accessories that resemble chastity belts and other BDSM gear. I’d wear it in an instant…if I had little enough sense to shell out 8 grand of my hard-earned money for it.

----- Evangeline 10.12.07 22:38

girl keep it up u no you are all that forget what other people think about you you no you are all that

----- shakera 22.10.07 10:21


I bought this belt from London ….I didnt wear it yet …

and I love it

----- Noora 05.10.07 15:11

THis belt is HOT HOT HOT! Any REAL fashion diva can see that. Gotta have it!

----- Spyce99 30.09.07 06:51

are you kidding? that thing is hideous!! ew gawd! ew! ew! it even makes the most beautiful women alive look hideous!! ew!!!!!

----- suzy 25.09.07 11:07

I have gone crazy trying to find this belt. I love it but I could not find it on the Neiman Marcus Website. I con not live without this belt

----- YoungBreeder 10.09.07 15:42

@Modiddy - I dated a dancer a few years ago who had a shape like that :)

Great corset design though.

----- Sergei Muller 24.08.07 10:06

Why can’t we just admire beauty….we all know she has a beautiful body…she is shaped just like that…She is a beautiful woman

----- Yessi 23.08.07 12:44

Wow its silly how photoshoped she looks. Thats not the shape of a human. :-\

----- MoDiddy 22.08.07 23:22

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