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Dynomighty- 03.12.06

magnetoid.jpgSo magnets are one of those wonders of the world that can amuse to no end regardless of age - and great for boredom in meetings/classes/etc. Well i know this Dynomighty jewelry has been floating around the design websites for some time, but recently Elsewares lent me the Bandoleer Bracelet, and the packaging was sweet! Since no one had ever shown it to me, and it certainly would have been a big selling point for me, I took a shot of it to share with you. The fascinating part about this line, is that these could pretty much be magnets for your fridge, or one for your fridge while the rest are your bracelet, or it could be 5 rings, or you can mix and match sets. Its really a fascinating idea - they are all separate magnets to do with as you please. So check out the nice floating box of magnets. Gorgeous.

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