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Bored?- 03.19.06

boredshirt2.jpgRemeber the Bored Girl? She’s been the source of all inspiration from day one of NOTCOT, and i’m thinking of reprinting her in whatever sizes/colors people are interested in [granted i have a ton of things going on, but some manual labor - read “handmade with love?” - would be good for me]. So if anyone is interested in a reprint - let me know colors/sizes/etc and i will try to make it happen in the next few weeks - 20$ a shirt!

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ooo i would love one! white or grey shirt. small. long, skinny tees are nice — what brand do you use?

----- audrey 28.03.06 19:05

Was wondering whether this t shirt is for guys? Will it be weird…??

----- zyt 22.03.06 20:00

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