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Kingsley- 03.18.06

On my kid’s theme… kids should rock too, forget covering them in fluffy happy shiny things. Sid Vicious on your shirt saying “Oi!” is pretty impressive, and definitely one of those shirts that your kid will grow up and see pics of herself in, and think, “wow, i knew what was up even then!” I’m loving all these clothes that appeal to the the indie punk generation having kids. Kingsley Aarons inspired by his 1 year old mastermind Zephyr Kinsely Aarons designed a line of kids wear to make him the future rockstar he is. Gone is the time when baby shower shopping had to be a bore, and picking between pastels and teddy bears. Rock on.

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Yeah, but $42 for a shirt for a kid! Yikes, that’s beyond steep.

----- brad 29.11.06 14:10

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