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French Sloganization- 03.28.06

tee-shirt529.JPG.jpgAh, La Fraise, you are so brilliant - i love you more than threadless. The Gallery of Slogans, you can submit to have printed as tees… and all are in french, and yes the foreign appeal is always fun. “Je vous aime. Sauf toi là-bas.” [I love you all. *Except you over there.] “On reconnait le bonheur au bruit qu’il fait en claquant la porte” [One recognizes the joy in the noise that he makes in slamming the door. ] “Un écran s’éteind, un être s’éveille” [The screen turns off, the person awakens.] “pan! z’etes tous morts” [Bang! You’re all dead.] “Je me fais trop vieux pour ces conneries” [I make myself too old for this shit] “Des millions d’années pour en arriver là” [Millions of years to get here.] “Optimystique” [optimystic] “J’ai eu une enfance formidable, si on exclut les pulls jacquard.” [I had a wonderful childhood, if you leave out the jacquard sweaters.] “Plus le temps il passe, plus le futur est plus moin loin de quand qu’il était près…” [The more time that passes, the more the future is more less far than when it was close…]

*these are Jermacide’s quick attempted translations - for more humorous versions see it in google translate.

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