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Vintage Hard Candy- 06.03.05

P12688_hero.jpgEver notice that our perception of time has been shortened? Do you remember when Hard Candy first changed the way Nail Polish was marketed? Revolutionized the color possiblities with the pastels and crazy blues and names like Trailer Trash? And who can forget their trademark jelly rings? That was NOT that long ago… so maybe it was 10 years since USC student,Dineh Mohajer, became a cosmetics powerhouse, before being bought out by LVMH and then sold to the Falic Group in 2003. But seriously 1995 is not old enough to be considered VINTAGE, is it? Anyhow for anyone who missed the old colors, and old bottles… they are back. Vintage Hard Candy.

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Ever notice that our perception of time has been shortened?

----- Mujeres Desnudas 30.11.05 06:10

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