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Hydrolab- 05.28.05

hydrolab.jpgI’m picky, but when i fall for graphics, i fall fast. This is a quick scan of a shirt i found at Hydrolab… i was impressed with the style of graphics and shirts they printed on for their own label. Its a very street/LA style boutique mixed with a more San Diego chilled beachy (with your usual haviannas and surf boards at the back)… a few good finds, worth a look-see if you’re around here. HydroLab, 1140 Abbott Kinney, Venice, CA 90291, +1.310.450.7221 I love the style of this girl in the image, especially the way the waves are drawn to almost evoke an acquatic “dragon and the princess” serene yet potentially dangerous visual…

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hydrolab will ride again…mark my words

----- plopculture.blogspot.com 18.09.07 17:18

The stuff in that shop is RAD. I met one of the owners when I was in there, she waited on me hand and foot and was super knowledgable about the products. Needless to say I made a purchase..

----- john 18.12.05 22:14

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