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TRUTH - New York Times Ad


We live in some pretty surprising times right now. Even those who claim to have seen it all coming, must be at least a little surprised how things keep playing out. (Here in the US as well as around the globe…) And to find a silver lining, maybe it’s a good thing that events have been polarizing enough to light a fire in people who hadn’t stepped up before… helping people figure out what’s worth fighting for and protecting… helping sort out priorities… and figuring out where, how, and when to get involved in new ways. I’d be lying to say that current events haven’t been taking over more of my brain power that in the past may have focused on design obsessions and explorations… but sometimes you just need time to take deep dives researching and processing as much information as your brain can hold in hopes of coming up with a new plan - a passionate, considered next move to make.

And then yesterday i went to the supermarket to pick up the sunday paper because i wanted a copy of their ad. This New York Times ad by Droga5! About TRUTH. Sure it’s a bit sad that it even needs to be said, but its a fantastic reminder in good times as well as bad! So take a peek at it on the next page…

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Custom Lay's Instagram Chips


On ridiculous things - these custom Lay’s Bucky BBQ Potato Chips just arrived! I had forgotten that 6+ weeks ago i got curious about an instagram ad, and ordered a free bag of customized Lay’s! Love the fun packaging (nice box print details) and print quality of Bucky droooooooooling on the bag looks pretty good. (Don’t mind the caption, they only let you pick from prewritten messages.) Fun example of social media digital campaigns to physical manifestations. You can see what everyone else has been putting on their Lay’s too! (Surprise - LOTS of dogs and cats!) Details on the next page…

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The Honest Kitchen: Scratch & Sniff for Dogs


The Honest Kitchen has launched a holiday scratch & sniff story… for dogs! The free storybook packed with samples, Is that my dinner?, does not actually have scratch & sniff DOG FOOD (like i initially would have guessed)… but rather scents you can find around the holidays… and people food! After all, The Honest Kitchen is all about people quality food for dogs. The agency behind this cute holiday story is RTO+P, according to Adweek.

Take a peek at the promotional holiday storybook up close on the next page as i let Bucky flip through it… the hard part was keeping him from trying to jump right to the ending.

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Unfinished Business Movie Stock Photos

unfinished0.jpg HA! I couldn’t stop giggling when i saw these over at Adweek … In a brilliant move, Twentieth Century Fox and iStock by Getty Images have created a set of 12 stock photos featuring the cast of Unfinished Business - including Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Franco. How much do you want to bet that you’ll start seeing these guys pop up in generic pamphlets, website placeholders, and unknowing poorly designed official looking company paraphernalia? I’m almost surprised there isn’t a lorem ipsum generator that is the story of the movie in pig latin to to pair with the stock photos for mock ups. They are releasing a few a week for free download, see the rest of the set on the next page.

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Pop-Tarts Airstream Toaster

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Audi Clean Diesel Day

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Atlanta Street Art

atlstreetart00.jpg In between Final Four games this weekend, we did a bit of exploring in Atlanta… running all over Buckhead, Midtown, 4th Ward, Inman Park, Decatur, Downtown, and more… and one thing i couldn’t help snapping pics of all over was the street art! From the fox chasing rabbits down the wall… to the huge NEVER GIVE UP under an overpass made up of XOs, to the Silhouette building that really has a huge on on it, to the massive basketball hoop billboard AT&T popped up by Georgia Dome, to the “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell —- Satan” billboard, ATL shaped playground for kids… and so much more… it was awesome inspiration! Check out what we found on the next page…

p.s. Didn’t bring a real camera with me this trip, so all things Atlanta are coming from the HTC One i’m currently playing with…

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Ford has Liu Bolin disappear cars

fordart0.jpg Chinese artist, Liu Bolin, made quite the stir in the art/internet world with his “Camouflage” series of photographs where he painted people to be completely disappeared into urban backgrounds… Now, Ford has tapped him to create their latest print ad campaign to “Prove How All-New 2013 Ford Fusion ‘Stands Out’ in Competitive Midsize Car Segment”, as their press release says, “New Fusion makes other cars on the road ‘disappear’.”

Last month, we were invited to join them on the set out in Rancho Cucamonga and see how the disappearing of the cars happens… check it out on the next page! (And a time lapsed video of the few day shoot too!)

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Reebok FitList Box

reebok0000.jpg This post is part of a content series presented by smartwatersmartwater, live a life well hydrated. To learn more click here. The opinions and content in this post are 100% NOTCOT, smartwater is supporting us to share what we love with you! Advertisement

On fun and unexpected surprises, a Reebok FitList Box just arrived in the mail! For the launch of the Reebok FitList App on Spotify, the folks at DeepLocal created limited edition sneaker cases containing portable stereo speakers and sound reactive LED lights that glow in reaction to music, ambient sound, and even touch. (It’s oddly mesmerizing to tap the case and watch it light up and fade!) Most impressive is the fun video they created with athletes working out alongside a wall of these LED shoe boxes, and as they jump and run and work out. They’ve created 100 limited edition Reebok FitList boxes holding a pair of RealFlex Transition 2.0 shoes featuring an exclusive colorway (black with red soles!) just for the occasion. See the video, making of, and a peek inside the actual Reebok FitList Box and what powers it on the next page!

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Mulberry Wild Things

monster0.jpg Mulberry - wha??? I just flipped through all 900+ pages of adverts in the latest (largest EVER) issue of Vogue… (hard to believe its sept issue time already!) and the one thing i could not forget after closing it… the YETI/WILD THINGS of Mulberry. WHAT is going on in these ads? How creepy is the giant eye peeking at her? And what is that green thing behind them?

Naturally, all of this lead to some quick photos to share with you… and taking my questions to the internet! The Monsters were introduced in February - “Our Autumn Winter 2012 collection was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s book Where The Wild Things Are, as well as textural furry fabrics and mysterious prints. Our own monster was created exclusively for us, based on a commissioned illustration by Emma Houlston and was made into giant set pieces for our catwalk. He also popped up on drinks, cushions and the London Fashion Week tote.” Mulberry shares more about Emma’s inspiration on their blog… she even sent them amazing monster cupcakes! See it all on the next page, including the coachella poolside party monsters, catwalk monsters, and more!

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Inside Lee Clow's Beard: the book.

leeclowsbeard0.jpg There’s something magical going on over at TBWA\Chiat\Day in LA ~ I’ve been following @LeeClowsBeard on twitter for years now… endless amusement, for a while it was unclear if it may be the advertising legend Lee himself… then word spread it was another “fake” twitter account… the type that people stop caring is fake because its so well written and amusing. But you always wonder who is behind this stuff, and whether their “inspiration” approves. Well, in the case of Copywriter, Jason Fox, in Dallas,TX… while he managed to last about a year before asking if Lee knew about this twitter, and whether he approved, it seems to have worked out like a dream. Lee not only approved, but now there is a BOOK and an iOS APP!

Here’s a look at Jason Fox’s digital reveal today ~ and it was amazing to get to join the team at TBWA\Chiat\Day LA for the launch of Let There Be Dragons (TBWA\Chiat\Day’s new content creation offshoot who is also responsible for the book!) as well as the @LeeClowsBeard Book! Take a peek on the next page to see the festivities (including real life Lee Clow with 2D Lee Clow and @LeeClowsBeard) and a peek inside the book!

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Happy Easter: Skittles Easter Eggs!

skittles0.jpg What’s more appropriate on Easter than ~ Easter Eggs? Of all kinds… Skittles just sent over a fun Easter basket full of Skittles and a teaser of Digital Easter Eggs hidden amongst their hilarious (and slightly creepy) “Skittles Touch” videos on youtube. See a peek at the hidden easter eggs to be found on the next page…

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Valentine's Day at W+K NYC

wkny0.jpg Happy Valentine’s Day! For some VDay inspiration, we popped in to Wieden + Kennedy NY to see the creativity and inspiration behind the ads we all love. So much creative energy and playfulness throughout the office! I love the staircase in the Wieden + Kennedy NY office! (So naturally the adorable animal caricatures of everyone in the office a few years back became the main picture!) It’s fun to get a peek behind the scenes of everything from Sportscenter ad spots in the making to crazy tech being schemed… giant Nike shoes looking for decorations… post it note maps of the US… color sorted bookshelves… and an amazing 3 floors of a huge Tribecca building… only two of which are filled with people and the third is used for everything from photoshoots to castings to artist experiments and shopping pop ups! There’s even a “red vein” flowing through each floor sometimes taking the form of couches, other times filing cabinets and meeting spots… and then there’s the adorably sweet Valentine’s present they gifted us too! Take a peek inside the world of W+K NY on the next page!

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Orient Express: A Journey Like No Other

uitcase.jpg Wow. So when i first heard about Orient Express’ rebranding and “A Journey Like No Other” campaign coming up, i didn’t quite grasp how magically inspiring it would all be. Then amidst the chaos of running literally ALL over europe at lightning speeds for a few weeks of work trips, they offered the opportunity to experience it first hand, so i’ve been hiding out for a few days in between the madness in Mallorca at La Residencia in Deia. I supposed the truth is, i’m a sucker for other worldly escapes ~ be it in film or photography, there’s something nice about being pulled out of your everyday life, pressing pause for a moment, slipping into as much inspired relaxation as possible before leaping back into the thick of it.

The Orient Express’ seems to have captured the essence of this other worldly escapism perfectly through the 4 perspectives of a family in their new campaign ~ from Father, Mother, Son, and Daughters views spanning travel via luxurious train, boats to Venice, drives to Rio, and more. The mini films (and matching instagram-esque photo galleries) help you feel like you’re peeking into another life ~ and it’s so fun seeing the same trips from various perspectives… both nostalgic and modern, watching them while curled up in Mallorca, a mere few hours before hopping a 7am flight, just makes me want to duck away into yet another Orient Express styled adventure in luxurious relaxation… but perhaps a few more work bursts before the next one is needed! As for now… take a peek at some of the first few “A Journey Like No Other” videos on the next page ~ and see more on the site!

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Target: Make Summer Funner

turtle.jpg Adorable HUGE “Make Summer Funner” campaign installations by Target are popping up ~ just spotted these time lapse videos of the making of the giant iconic Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox in Chicago and the Sprinkler in Houston over at AdWeek… such a fun idea, would love to see them in person, check out the vids on the next page!

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'Everybody reads the same story differently'

highlight1.jpg Oh, the art of highlighting! I love this ad campaign ‘Everybody reads the same story differently’ by Y&R Bogotá, Colombia. When i ran across it at Ads of the World tonight, it just made me smile, and then want to take a highlighter to everything. Too cute to see the various perspectives they play with on who highlights what… see them all up close on the next page: The Little Prince, Don Quixote, and Moby Dick!

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Porsche Every Day + World Roadshow

porscheroad0.jpg It’s been fun watching the new Porsche angle of it being for “Every day”… the ads are adorable. Check out the videos on the next page ~ and the Porsche Every Day site! Additionally, today i spent a few hours out at California Speedway with the Porsche World Roadshow test driving the “every day” side of the cars as well as playing with them around the track. Nothing makes you forget what day it is, what’s going on in your life, or how blisteringly hot it is out quite like a few turns out on the track and doing 120 on the straight aways…. ok, so maybe that part wasn’t quite “every day” driving, but it was definitely fun to get to know how the cars handle and just barely start to push them to what they were designed for… and that they can also serve as pickup trucks, pet carriers, school buses and more ~ take a peek at the ads and some pics from the day on the next page!

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Portal 2: Investment Opportunities

portal2.jpg Just touched down in Milan ~ on things to look forward to upon arrival home next next week ~ Portal 2! Finally! But first to keep us going, while waiting a bit longer… three awesome videos of “Investment Opportunities” ~ looking at Panels, Bots, and Turrets! I’m conflicted as to whether to wish for more videos, or for the game to FINALLY arrive… So fun, so pretty, watch them all on the next page!

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Deeplocal/NatGeo Mission Expedition


In a TV near you, there is an upcoming TV show, National Geographic Expedition Week. Far, far away in a room… there is a tiny train track - that goes through the Himalayas, London, Ancient Rome, and Papa New Guinea… and on this track, is a tiny train… with a tiny camera. A camera that YOU control through the internet. And when you find artifacts while driving this tiny far away train… you can take pictures. Then a person in the far away room with the tiny train looks at your picture, and decides if you found something. And he tells you through the internet, and if you DID… he pulls a REAL life-sized artifact off the shelf, and packages it up, and it appears on your REAL doorstep. Where you might be sitting on the couch, watching National Geographic Expedition Week.

PHEW ~ did you follow that? so that’s… digital - physical - digital - physical - digital - physical - digital? How many layers of real world/digital interaction is that? I love Deeplocal. Oh, and if you do win a real world artifact, and then proceed to photograph it, and feed it back to the internet… bonus interaction layers?

So, to recap, National Geographic Channel and Deeplocal, the team behind GAP’s Project Reindeer, have teamed up to create Mission Expedition where viewers can go on a photo safari using telepresence cameras to explore miniature sets… and it’s AWESOMEly fun! See more about the project, the artifacts, and behind the scenes on the next page.

p.s. OH, and to know its real, when i had a call with them this morning pre-launch ~ they even waved their giant hand at me via the tiny train’s tiny camera while we were talking!

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Petite Lap Giraffes

giraffe1.jpg Petite Lap Giraffes! They have their own website!!! If you follow my silliness on twitter / Life.NOTCOT, you’ve probably noticed my post way back when i couldn’t resist screenshotting the DirecTV ad with the creepy russian and his adorable teeny tiny giraffe! Well, DirecTV, has given them their own website, complete with “giraffe cam”! Petite Lap Giraffes!!! Take a peek at some screenshots and also the two DirecTV ads on the next page!

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IKEA: The Art of Cooking Ads

vidsikea.jpg On fun ways to kick off the weekend, these are like ninja cooking mama ~ or sesame street/eureka’s castle ~ or crazy art video/baby noise/pot clanging remixed… These amazing videos you can see on the next page are The Art of cooking series byCarl Kleiner in collaboration with Eric Severin & Evelina Bratell for IKEA, and made possible by Forsman & Bodenfors. They are mesmerizing and amazing! An awesome follow up to the amazing HEMBAKAT ÄR BÄST cookbook (which still has some of the most incredible recipe photography i’ve laid eyes on). But anyhow ~ TO the videos on the next page!!!

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BMW & Mercedes German Projection Ads

projections.jpg There is a trend of impressive projection advertising going on in Germany ~ through both Mercedes-Benz and BMW. I love that both are not simply about being larger than life, but about eco-friendliness (in the case of BMW, the projections are mainly powered by wind energy) and environmentally aware (the Mercedes one helps you SEE through walls, at bikers, skateboards, and unexpected things coming around the corner) ~ both make fascinating and beautiful uses of the spaces around them. AND! Of course, videos of each on the next page to see them in action!

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EF Live the Language Ads

language0.jpg These ads will make you want to go on an adventure, learn a new language, explore new foods, make new friends, fall in love… with a city, a person, a whole new life… Absolutely stunning typographically happy advertisements set to fun music showing you how to LIVE THE LANGUAGE ~ EF Language School style. I haven’t been able to get them out of my head since i first found them on Wanken. These videos are Directed by Gustav Johansson, D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf, Typography: Albin Holmqvist, Music: Magnus Lidehäll, and Produced at Camp David. Go get lost in Paris, Barcelona, London, and Beijing on the next page…

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Acura Gingerbread "House"

ginger3.jpg “It’s a 60’s post modern gingerbread house. Although I hesitate to call it a house… It’s more of a Palazzo.” And then i can’t help giggling. And then once i stop… can’t help but note what an awesome gingerbread palazzo that is! The whole Acura Season for Reason ad campaign by RP& is pretty cute ~ though there’s a tiny part of me that wants the ridiculousness they mock in the ads more than reason! See the chestnut roaster and the awesome xmas tree/live reindeer/etc, as well as the Gingerbread Palazzo ad on the next page!

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NogPong - Saatchi LA + Deep Local

nogpong00.jpg The Saatchi & Saatchi LA xmas email came out yesterday, and this year they are “giving back by making donations to three nonprofit charities on your behalf: The Amanda Foundation, Free Arts for Abused Children and New Directions“… and then they announced NOG PONG! Exactly what it sounds like, only it’s always our turn, and they get to do all the eggnog drinking…

Teaming up with Deep Local (yup, our new favorite people from Project Reindeer, etc) - “Nogbot started as an off-the-shelf ping-pong practice machine. In one weekend, we reverse engineered the machine and replaced its guts with our own wiring and microcontroller. The new microcontroller allowed us to programmatically control the motors, switches and servos to do our bidding. We created a web-based API to communicate with Nogbot allowing an external program to fire balls at different speeds and directions.” Awesome, right? Well they’ve also shared some pics of what the NogBot looks like! (He’s your real world arm launching those balls as you click from behind your monitor.) As well as videos of the game in action, and the making of! Check it all out on the next page… love these projects that really pull the digital and physical closer in such playful ways!

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