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Unboxing Exploding Kittens


It’s here! Exploding Kittens! The wildly (8.8 million dollar) popular Kickstarted card game by Elan Lee, The Oatmeal, and Shane Small. Filled with ridiculous illustrations and promises to take a mere 2 minutes to learn and 15 minutes to play a round + it even has a NSFW add on that is for “Ages 30 and up?” Take a peek inside on the next page - the packaging “surprise thingie” is too fun.

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Diesel Sweeties ROBOTS!

dsrob1.jpg It's hard to squish a robot and write a post all at once. On awesome packages, Diesel Sweeties sent over this big box and out popped a SQUISHABLE Crocheted Robot (yes its a little obese an a little disproportionate, perhaps more like a baby-bot? not quite full grown to CRUSH HUMANS! yet?) ~ and his Crush All Humans! Book.... complete with a signed/illustrated CRUSH JEAN! page with tiny red markerbots flying around!

Check out the pics of these goodies up close on the next page!!!

You TOO can get the Crush All Humans! Book in signed/personalized form too!!!

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Polite in Public 2.0?

party1.jpgSo i took a bit of an internet break the last few days (blame the Sands motel in Bird Rock ~ but the relaxation and beachiness was awesome)... so unlike most die-hard comic-con-ers, we just popped by for a few hours on thursday - then went to the zoo for a few hours, and then found ourselves at the G4 + StrangeCo party for the new "Wonder Women of America" book which featured a few hundred photographs of the cosplay women of comic-con 2007... and many were present! They also had Nerdcore performances, and the place was a madhouse! But what grabbed me that you'll definitely want to see... the boys of Polite in Public, have come a long way since we last saw/talked to them. (Catch up here for their back story and to see the old set up.)

So what's new with this young revolutionary photobooth company, Polite in Public? With their impressive hollywood and technical backgrounds - they have taken their glossy, gorgeous imagery filled with props and sets and real prints on the fly! - to a whole new level. Instead of laptops, screens, printers, and more set up on a desk, we were amazed by their new set up with one large sleek machine that took the pictures, processed them from original form to the glossified form, and had a nice interface for their photobooth attendants to quickly browse and print from. It seemed like a large simple UI, and i was dying to run up and poke it, if only they weren't SO busy! Also, from only being a small 2-3 man operation, sounds like they are expanding quite a bit, since on the same night as the San Diego event, they were also doing events in SF, NY, and LA! I got a few pics of the crazy scene - and some video of their impressive automated photoshop like filtering on the fly to give you a feel for how incredible their process is - check it all out on the next page!

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San Diego Comic-con 2008

sdcc08.jpgSo, for those of you who follow my twitter or facebook ~ you already know i ran away to San Diego. It's been far too long since i've been back in these parts, and i'd forgotten how much i missed it! So, spent yesterday popping by all my old houses/apartments/neighborhoods/etc, getting a burrito, and hiding out in little italy. Anyhow, we just popped by comic-con today for a few hours, and it's absolute insanity, massive crowds, yet everyone is so nice, and they keep things flowing so well. Also - SO giddy to see the toys i've been lusting after... in person! And super nice to meet up with a bunch of the comics and toy guys in person as well, of course. So here's a mad roundup to show you some of my favorites, click the pic to see the full gallery of my images running around the convention floor... and now i think i'm off to the zoo.

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GIVEAWAY! The Lost Ones

lostones.jpgZune has been a great supporter of the arts with their Zune Arts initiative, and its been incredible to see all of the artists - illustration, 3d, animation, and now graphic artists they have been supporting! The latest project is The Lost Ones: "a graphic novel written by celebrated writer Steve Niles. For the Zune-commissioned novel, Niles was paired up with visual artists Dr. Revolt, Gary Panter, Kime Buzzelli and Morning Breath to take the reader on an epic journey through time and space. Each artist illustrated a different chapter of the novel." On the next page you can check out a trailer video... i've also pulled some of my favorite pages from the novel, as well as the covers of the various chapters.

GIVEAWAY! There are two sets of a special collectors edition of the novel with a silk screened cover and poster waiting for two lucky readers ~ so leave a comment with your favorite on/offline comic and why you love it (by monday night PST) for a chance to win it!

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Diesel Sweeties Robot Sneak Peek!

laserbots.jpg Not that you needed another reason to go to Comic-con, but i was just chatting with rstevens of Diesel Sweeties, and he gave me a sneak peek i just HAD to share with you... laser cutter + acrylic + Diesel Sweeties = an adorable robot take over? These are a peek at the first prototypes (don't worry they will have eyes soon!)... and he also just published the best comic on dating + tetris... see the next page to find out just what the two have in common, as well as more robot pics, and screenshots of a noteworthy ad Zune ad for the new Lost Graphic Novel that i'm envious of! (It has the cutest, subtlest corner flash animation that when rolled over, flips back the page to show the comic!)

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Doonesbury - Poetry of Obama

doonesbury08.jpgOn random things i've found myself following lately, its been fascinating to watch so many creatives (from street art to comics to hollywood) finding different ways to express their support for Obama, as well as his impressively nicely designed visual campaign (come on, you know you noticed that his infamous CHANGE font looks nearly identical to Chanel's signature font)... So on the latest creative outlet visually voicing an opinion, Doonesbury's "Poetry of Barack Obama" and "The Prose of Hillary Clinton" classes causing a stir on the fictitious Walden campus have been quite an amusing thread... Check out the strips so far in order below!

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XKCD use of title

xkcdalt.jpgNot to geek out on you, but just had to point out how perfect XKCD's use of title is in #383 'Helping'. And also another reason why people really should check out content in its original/intended form (as well as on RSS readers, splogs, etc!). And oh how i wish someone would make a magical 'make everything better button'... perhaps shaped like a Staples' EASY button? And i suppose this will make me rollover pictures to see the title text more often now?


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1988 A Tribute to Stan Lee

stanleeins.jpgWho hasn't been incredibly inspired by the infamous Stan Lee? Due to CES, i missed the opening of the Gallery 1988 Under the Influence: A Tribute to Stan Lee... and it looks like an INCREDIBLE show, from many NOTCOT favorites like Luke Chueh, Jason Sho Green, Camilla d'Errico, Kurt Halsey Frederiksen, Dan Goodsell, and more! Take a look here for the full show, and see after the jump for my favorites!

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Diesel Sweeties' Robot Socks

robotsocksm.jpgHaving one of "those" days ~ but thank goodness for surprise packages from people like RStevens of Diesel Sweeties ~ angry red robot socks. I don't even know what gift guide theme these should be on, and i never even knew i needed them, but they deal with a less than shiny mood very nicely. I recruited RUGenius to be the sock model in this shot! Although not quite available yet, both the red robot knee socks (for ladies) - and shorter men's red robots - and even some cute pixely owl knee socks - are available for pre-order here. And that bumper sticker made me smile - there have been some pretty nasty, ignorant emails and reports coming on all the sites today for some reason. Why are people so angry? It's just the internets! Yay. Angry red pixel robots on my feet.

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Dilbert's iphone hits

dilbert2036666071023.gifHehehehe. Ok this 2am, this made me giggle. So maybe "we" (yes, you too perhaps!) have a bit of an internet addiction going on. Luckily i'm not yet as bad off as Dilbert here... but those occasional iphone/pearl hits are critical even when happily exploring the real world.

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Diesel Sweeties Surprise

dsyay.jpgMmmm Diesel Sweeties. As if its not enough that they amuse me daily, this surprise package just showed up and i can't stop grinning. The latest comics, stickers, and buttons! "It's fun to use learning for evil!" ~ i'm currently debating whether to stick this over the the glowing apple on my macbook pro. I'm not even a cat person, but i do love that cat button... ahhh emo emoticons... and rockers do rock out...

OK ~ so since they sent extras, it only seems appropriate to keep sharing the love. So leave me a note, and i'll pick the most amusing commenter (about why you love diesel sweeties, notcot, pixels, etc) at midnight (PST) tonight to send a copy of Diesel Sweeties Print Dailies Vol. One and some notcot pins! [UPDATE! The winner has been emailed!]

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While i desperately hope and wish to be where there be anthropomorphic dragons, i fear i might be writing to you from the depths of the Blogipeligo. Yes, slightly focused on a mix of real life and intellectuals, just below the Bay of Angst and due left of the Wikipedia Project, floating in and out of the Straits of Web 2.0, and occasionally meandering the Sea of Memes (although the main Isle of Digg is down currently, the Viral Straits live on tonight) and drifting through the IRC Isles. It's a crazy world this internets, but XKCD has managed to make quite the impressive old school Map of Online Communities. *Beware of the north/"practicals"... full map below.

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Monocle's Kitakoga

So, i've procrastinated on flipping through Tyler Brule's latest endeavor - Monocle "a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, & design" ~ and i think it might me one of my new favorite reads... but the real question is how did no one tell me about Kitakoga? The pull out manga in the back of the issue ~ think-- the comic book for the Bruce Wayne set? I'm hooked. And the blatant product placement made me giggle the whole time (who wants a prada phone now?)...

Here's the premise (go on, read it out loud to yourself in that dramatic voice-over tone): "Spring -- 2010. A Democrat is running the White House, Sweden is about to take up the reigns of the EU Presidency, NATO is still heavily engaged in Afghanistan and The Horn of Africa is up for grabs. On the opposite side of the rapidly melting polar ice cap, Canada has become the self-appointed guardian of the top of the world and Russia's playing catch-up. China is still basking in post-Olympic glory and South Korea has become the region's new creative powerhouse. In the middle of all of this, Japan has assumed a more assertive role not only within Asia but also globally. The country stunned the world in 2009 with the surprise launch of a corps of robotic soldiers it deployed to protect its embassy in Beirut and has been working on the launch of a new unmanned air vehicle that has sparked the curiosity of governments around the world. A special branch of the defence ministry has been established to safeguard the technology. Shinobi (shadow ninjas) are the guardians of the Rai-zing (Thunder of God) project."
The animated feature should be done by the Batman: animated series folks in collaboration with the Evangelion team? [Lots more below]

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