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Rio Carnaval Beach Madness

beach0.jpg Still cleaning up photos (out of hundreds) between Rio madness with Veuve Clicquot… the beach during carnaval is insanity. So here’s a quick peek of pics of Ipanema from HELICOPTER… Hotel Fasano ROOFTOP… then from ON the beach. SO many people! And red umbrellas. And gorgeous weather… see it on the next page!

p.s. WAY more to come on the helicoptering. Absolutely stunning views which lead to FAR too many pics to figure out how to sort so far…

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Rio Carnaval with Veuve Clicquot: Part I

rio0.jpg Apparently i didn’t even realize i needed a break until i landed in Rio after a long flight from NYC. And immediately we’re surrounded by music, fun, and incredibly happy people everywhere… not to mention endless Veuve Clicquot awaiting us at the Santa Teresa Hotel which will be home for the next few nights. Though i’ve only been here for a few hours… take a peek at the lovely room complete with hammock on the patio… and poolside drinks/lunch. The official launch party at the Copacabana is tonight, so i’d best run off and prepare… but had to share the relaxing fun and a peek down at remnants of street parades passing by next to us first! See it on the next page…

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Cocktails with Bompas & Parr

cocktailsbp.jpg Fresh in from our London editor Justine Aw.

Following on from their successful book on jelly, jellymongering duo Bompas & Parr have launched a new book on cocktails, available for pre-order here.

The launch was celebrated with a party at their studio/lab near Borough. With ‘Cocktails, Snakes and Ether’ on the invite, I couldn’t resist checking things out and taking a peek inside the studio where all the magic happens! As Sam promised, there was indeed a medieval castle (complete with separate tower for the saxophonist, an abundance of cocktails from the new book served in an assortment of glasses, teacups and jam jars as well as a wide range of curiosities from Hendrick’s (penny farthings, scrimshaw and more!). It was also great to see some props from previous events we’ve attended and a glimpse into future projects (delectable elderflower/chili candy pills!). As always with Bompas & Parr, there were surprises everywhere, even in the bathroom, which was transformed a glitter snake pit/privy! More photos on the next page!

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PERRIER-JOUËT: 200th Anniversary Party

pjparty0.jpg This weekend ~ to kick off spring and celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Boutique champagne house, Perrier-Jouët, they brought 200 people from around the globe to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts… what a beautiful space! Skip the red carpet for a Perrier-Jouët grassy green path… and upon entering, you encounter a mysterious box popped up in the center of the cavernous space covered in projections… and surrounded by flowing bubbly and black and white old hollywood glam Harcourt Studio photos specially commissioned for the gala showing important people and someone they are passing their legacy to, and the Daniel Arsham limited edition piece to go with this concept. The surroundings were surreal to say the least, you must see a video on the next page of the projections from within, as well as all the lovely details!

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Absolut Brooklyn Launch

absolutbrooklynp0.jpg While in NY ~ popped out to DUMBO for the Absolut Brooklyn Launch Party with Spike Lee! Spectacular views on such an ominous night as the sun set through the on and off thunderstorms rolling through… They cleared out the Powerhouse Bookstore ~ and with the large altered seal on the windows, i must admit it reminded me of Starbucks at first. I suppose i’m just not quite used to their playing down the iconic bottle shape? They transformed the steps inside the space into a cute life sized stoop matching the one on the bottle! Perhaps the most visually intriguing are the water tower shirts the bar tenders wore with text and graphics creating the image! So for packaging design closeups, you can see my post here ~ To take a peek at the adventures with Absolut Brooklyn ~ see the next page!

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The Macallan 57 + W + NOTCOT Party

macallanmain.jpg Wow. This has definitely been a whirlwind of a week or so, and a very Macallan filled month! A week and a half ago, i thought tasting the 50 and 52 year old Macallan were the oldest my lips may ever touch, but little did i know that this week i’d be sipping the 57 yr old Macallan! Tuesday night was a NOTCOT first. I’ve never played host at a party before! But when Macallan and the W Los Angeles approached me to co-host a party with Julie Wolfson, saying they’d take care of the details, we just had to invite some friends to come indulge with us, how could i say no? Despite the rainy night (which cleared up mid way through the party so we finally got to sneak outside and enjoy the brisk night air, curl up by the fireplace, and smoke cigars while sipping Macallan into the night), we had a great turn out. And as you know, Macallan loves twitter (in fact, our other co-host, The Macallan West Coast Ambassador, Eden Algie ~ just joined twitter, please follow him and message him to convince him to let us throw another LA party!)… so once again live tweeting was up on the screen during the party, and people were tweeting up quite a storm with #macallan (you can see my favorites on the next page!)… one of the highlights of the night was definitely getting to taste the 57 year Macallan in a Lalique crystal decanter… take a peek at the festivities, as well as some of the great coverage and photography to emerge from the event so far!

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Absolut Sundance - "I'm Here"

absolutsundance0.jpg So many adventures today! So many firsts! And finally met so many incredible people i’ve talked to for years digitally… but even with all the Altitude Summit madness underway, i couldn’t resist hopping in a car to check out the Absolut Vodka filmmakers of the first ever Sundance Opening Shorts Program party at Easy Street’s The Sky Lodge in Park City presenting “I’m Here: A Love Story In An Absolut World”, a short film directed by Spike Jonze. And while it may be 2:30am… and i’m freshly curled up in a hotel room robe photoshopping into the night as usual… and needing to put the finishing touches on the 8am keynote panel presentation i’m doing with the lovely Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, and Heather Armstrong of Dooce… how could i pass up sharing the magical snowy wonderland i crossed the mountains to experience before my nap? From ice furniture (made by Newport Beach’s Ice Bulb) out in the patio, in the snow, with heat lamps and a fire going… to the first cosmo i’ve had made with SNOW… and peppar-y icey shots with salted cherry tomatoes to keep me warm… and some of the biggest Absolut bottles beautifully lit from below and glowing like lavalamps… and endless beautiful hors d’œuvres circulating… I know i’ve stated on twitter that i nearly avoided real “winter” all together this year, but i’m really glad Altitude Summit and Absolut brought me out to Utah this weekend and let me experience what i hear will be some of the most incredible powder of the season. So take a peek at the next page for how fun it was… and i guess i should go take a little nap before the talk!

p.s. The Icebar was one thing… but the Ice Furniture outdoors with fire in the snow… were dare i say, even more unforgettable?

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Absolut Black Cube Party

absolutbox0.jpg While i seldom do party pics, i'm fascinated by Absolut and the way they brand experiences so nicely... This was their big 30th Anniversary Party for the Art Collection... and the lighting in the giant black cube they constructed for the party next to the Lydmar Hotel was this ominous mysterious structure that popped up while we were staying there, and they wouldn't let us peek in until the event itself... so once in there with such cool lighting and visualizations and bands/djs playing... the pictures of the bar, the bottles and glasses, the scene, and the straws even! I just had to share! The colors came out so beautifully!

Also ~ i ran out tonight (day after the party) but was a bit too late to get black cube pics, however did get some very cool mid-deconstruction pics! If you see the pics on the next page, just imagine that covered in black...

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50 Parties - No Strangers. Ryan McGinness Style.

50parties.jpg Ryan McGinness Studios is throwing 50 Parties. 50 Themes. 50 Weeks. In a row. In the studio. No sponsors. No strangers. My favorite part? NO STRANGERS! Unfortunately i'm pretty sure i'm a stranger. BUT those magical invite cards are "valid for card holder +1". Do you have one? Can i be your +1 someday?

All in all its such a lovely concept, and so similar to salon/intellectuallly playful get togethers i've been tossing around with friends... yes, i know. McGinness DID IT. I have not. But someday i hope to organize, or find help to organize enough to do some too! Here's how he explains it, "In New York City, there has never been a shortage of parties. Parties celebrating a new product or publication or development have been rampant. Those celebrating or nurturing a meaningful social exchange, on the other hand, have been noticeably absent." So far Party 00 was the Practice Party, and coming up is the Whit Trash BBQ. Yes, you read that right. The 50 Parties project has its own blog, Twitter, and YouTube feed. Not that any of those should surprise you at all. See more pics of the goodness on the next page...

i've been a huge McGinness fan long before i started NOTCOT... so jealous to hear about friends who have been getting invites already!

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Polite in Public 2.0?

party1.jpgSo i took a bit of an internet break the last few days (blame the Sands motel in Bird Rock ~ but the relaxation and beachiness was awesome)... so unlike most die-hard comic-con-ers, we just popped by for a few hours on thursday - then went to the zoo for a few hours, and then found ourselves at the G4 + StrangeCo party for the new "Wonder Women of America" book which featured a few hundred photographs of the cosplay women of comic-con 2007... and many were present! They also had Nerdcore performances, and the place was a madhouse! But what grabbed me that you'll definitely want to see... the boys of Polite in Public, have come a long way since we last saw/talked to them. (Catch up here for their back story and to see the old set up.)

So what's new with this young revolutionary photobooth company, Polite in Public? With their impressive hollywood and technical backgrounds - they have taken their glossy, gorgeous imagery filled with props and sets and real prints on the fly! - to a whole new level. Instead of laptops, screens, printers, and more set up on a desk, we were amazed by their new set up with one large sleek machine that took the pictures, processed them from original form to the glossified form, and had a nice interface for their photobooth attendants to quickly browse and print from. It seemed like a large simple UI, and i was dying to run up and poke it, if only they weren't SO busy! Also, from only being a small 2-3 man operation, sounds like they are expanding quite a bit, since on the same night as the San Diego event, they were also doing events in SF, NY, and LA! I got a few pics of the crazy scene - and some video of their impressive automated photoshop like filtering on the fly to give you a feel for how incredible their process is - check it all out on the next page!

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Veuve Clicquot Globalight does LA

veuvela1.jpgFreshly back from the Veuve Clicquot Los Angeles launch of the Globalight designed by Karim Rashid ~ and many a glass of bubbly later, i'm excited to share some fun pics of the Globalight up close and personal with you! As for the event ~ it was held at the W in Westwood, and it really brought me back to freshman year of college days... it was Thurs, so all the frat parties were in full swing, although driving over, it seems like one had a bit of a disaster quite early, with 3 fire engines and 4 cop cars and a sidewalks' worth of overdressed college kids anxiously waiting... and when we arrived at the party on the terrace of the W, it seems like much of the same crowd had overflowed... from the girl manning the door list to the many guests we asked about what they thought of the Globalight and the party... the crowd was a very clueless LA mix of so called actors, musicians, real estate agents, male models, and even biochem profs ~ all who seemed taken aback by being asked what they thought of the event, and quickly came to explain that a friend of a friend brought them or fwded them an invite... the best rumor of the night - (heard second/third hand) apparently word from the guy who represented the product - the Globalight will be produced with speakers built in soon, and a special stand, so you can simply tilt the Globalight itself to pour it... i guess we will wait and see!

Also, in the main bar downstairs, we saw a crew setting lights in the backroom in the lounge before popping up to the Veuve party... and stopping by on the way down, we found it was because Sunsilk was shooting a documentary on DJ Tatiana ~ a model turned international DJ, who not only is the music director for Bebe, but also runs her own music studio now...

See pics of all the maddness on the next page, including a youtube vid of DJ Tatiana and her Sunsilk winning vid...

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Tast.es Catering

tastes.jpgTast.es: Disposable Elements For Catering - firstly, awesome use of the .es domain - secondly, the Conran ROJO launch was incredible, and i have still yet to do a proper post on it, there was so much, it's all coming out in pieces... strangely enough i actually indulged in some of the various catering finger foods coming around simply so i could poke at the beautifully designed mini dishes they were served in! How cute is this soup bowl/shot glass? It looked so strange and possibly uncomfortable to sip from, but honestly its curvature was perfect to put your lips up to and have the soup slide right in (no embarrassing dribbles or anything of that sort). I even had the url on the bottom of it emailed to me as soon as i finished drinking it so i wouldn't forget to see what else they have... and low and behold, there is more awesome catering ware from Tast.es! So see larger images of the whole collection on the next page, and someday when we throw a party, i will definitely have to look these guys up.

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fordbrady1.jpgOn Thursday night i stopped by FORDBRADY's cocktail party for Dwell Magazine, "Los Angeles meet Dwell" where they announced the Dwell on Design Los Angeles Conference and Exhibition event in Los Angeles as well as launch the new look, "environmentally friendlier" Dwell magazine. On June 5th and 6th, it looks like Dwell is looking to start some friendly competition with CA Boom.

What was truly fascinating about the event was the incredible space that FORDBRADY occupies. Their downtown showroom (and home to Willard Ford, his fashion designer wife, Michelle Yu, and teenage son) is set in the historical Chinatown Kim Sing Theatre ~ which was built in 1926 as a vaudeville house, and served as a cinema from the 40's until '86 when it was abandoned... only over years of work, and with the help of Xten Architecture, they've turned it into an incredible loft/gallery space, with a gorgeous courtyard... really an unexpected modern oasis in Chinatown once you step under the original marquee and through the brilliantly orange entry tunnel. Check out their Interior Design Magazine feature for more details and images.

After the jump see many pictures of the incredible space as i viewed it at the party!

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Design Blogfest

WOW. My head is spinning, i haven't stopped since 4am PST... basically SFO-JFK flight, getting into the city, checking in, running by a very cool sample sale, walking to grab some delicious dinner at Rickshaw quickly, rushing over to the Design Blogfest... and a few adventures later and after meeting many incredible people... here i am back in the hotel trying to pop a quick post out for those who didn't make it out.

Big props to Harry Wakefield from MocoLoco and the generous folks at The Apt... and Lockhart Steele over at Curbed/Gawker... they pulled off an insane party... short story? 2500 people RSVP'd (their space holds about 200), i showed up at 6:15, and we barely fit... but 6:30 they were barely letting anyone in (see pictures of hardcore bouncers below)... pseudo-VIP party migrates down a few doors to Gawker HQ (very fun space! sorry i was too busy bouncing around chatting with folks to take pics there), so check out some pictures of the main party at The Apt here. Going to try and catch a little sleep before roaming ICFF tomorrow and huge thanks to everyone who made it out.

update: just saw these pics over at Sellsius Real Estate - poor guys didn't even get all the way in! but pics of the insane lines...

Apparently Funfurde was there too!

Core77 Pics from the party

MoCo Loco Pics! - check out the awesome cotton candy?

Design Notes was there! Check out his Flickr pics

LVHRD.ORG has some more pics!

MediaBistro's two cents

Met up with Sally of SallyTV and MocoLoco - and she has some great pics

So does the brilliant Caroline McCarthy of CNet - gawker flickr set


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