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Summers Juice & Coffee, Brooklyn

summers0.jpg While Shawn was in NY earlier this week, he came home taunting me (and my juice addiction) with pictures of Summers Juice & Coffee that was just opened by one of his closest friends, Alex Kleinberg. So, here’s a peek at the fun design details and deliciousness. Congrats, Alex!!!

On happy places, you can’t help but smile when you arrive at the freshly opened Summers Juice & Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We’ve enjoyed following their Instagram all summer as Alex Kleinberg and Christopher Taha (and their friend, Steffan Elzinga, of Wood Mgmt.) got their hands dirty and converted the 50 year old bodega space into their adorably refreshing neighborhood juice/coffee/pastry/sandwich spot. They found surprises like exposed brick and a large window under the drywall, which combined with some reclaimed wooden fence planks (which turn into herringbone ceiling and counter facade) and the addition of concrete flooring and counters, projection surf flicks, a stunning red surfboard on the wall, and a fun surf mural on the roll gate… it’s easy to forget there was a bodega there!

As for the food and drinks, Summers isn’t just fun decor, Shawn swears by the egg sandwich. (Here’s a peek at the making-of THE Egg Sandwich!) Part of the secret is definitely the parker roll from Clinton St. Baking Co. and the spiral of sriracha… also the bacon + avocado… oh, and the cheese folded in the fried egg. But i digress, with Alex’s history at his family’s award winning Clinton St. Baking Co., it’s no surprise the food and juice is delicious. (For Clinton St. fans, they also carry their pastries!) And as for coffee, they brew Brooklyn Roasting Company goodness. But, back to the visuals - take a peek inside Summers Juice & Coffee on the next page!

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Chameleon Window Displays

cham0.jpg Just found a bunch of these photos on my phone… couldn’t help being fascinated by the chameleon window displays at Aritzia while wandering soho… see them all on the next page!

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Inspiration in NYC

nytrip0.jpg For all of the NY Design Week randomness we’ve loved and already posted, flipping through our instagrams (and Shawn’s) proved the real fun happened between the events! So here’s a peek at everything ELSE that inspired and amused us that turned up on our phones! Take a peek at everything from the LOOK signage i was hunting for, to street art, to taco store floors, to the game of thrones like saw chair, the wedding we went to, the wooden beer slide, suits and surf photoshoot, and so much more on the next page… (and for those who follow our instagrams, here’s a bit more context.)

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Museum of Math, NYC

momath0.jpg We’ve been curious about the Museum of Math since we first heard it was in the works last year and opened Dec 2012, so we had to check it out while in NYC… as designers with a love of math (particularly as it applies to geometry, design, patterns, puzzles, and more), Shawn and I have been excited to see how the MoMath brought these concepts to life with interactive installations for kids! And as most of you know, my rule on NOTCOT has always been to share the things i LOVE that inspire me! But, as much as i hate breaking my own rule… we are SO disappointed! Sadly, the Yelp reviewers are right ~ It has SO much potential, but unfortunately i wouldn’t recommend it… yet? It’s been open nearly 6 months now and the majority of the interactive exhibits in the spacious two levels are either not functioning, impressively unintuitive, or have taken quite the beating and don’t feel like you’re visiting a brand new museum. (But i must say the docent we ran into upstairs was trying his best, and had great enthusiasm and knowledge even when explaining how exhibits would work… were they functioning.) While it does have a 3D printer, laser cutter, badges that are supposed to sync with various exhibits to send you your creations later, an interactive floor, fractal video cameras to interact with, interactive kinect driven projections, and other digital setups, in the end the analog exhibits are more engaging. Ultimately the bike above is probably the most fun of all the working exhibits (but don’t forget to wear closed toe shoes, which i learned the hard way)… but that isn’t worth the price of admission.

All of that being said ~ working or not, i took a bunch of pics for those as curious and excited as we were that haven’t been yet to get a peek inside the MoMath. And i’m not giving up hope on it, i just hoped for so much more? Take a peek on the next page…

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Shapeways' Factory of the Future NYC

shapewaysf0.jpg This super picture loaded post is made possible by our awesome friends, artists and designers, Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy of CW&T, who went and brought back lots of pics from the opening of Shapewaysnew factory in Long Island!

Shapeways has been on the forefront of creating what many have dubbed “the kinkos of 3D printing” - the go to spot to send your files and objects will appear at your doorstep! You can see the unboxing of our interlocking cubes here, and it’s super exciting to see in the pics on the next page where our prints will be coming from in no time!

As Taylor shared with us, “The space is HUGE, as you’ll see in the pics. It is empty now, but it will be awesome down the line. They are prepping for 50 industrial 3d printing machines. You can see the bright green spray painted plots on the floor to show where machines will go. They are running a couple machines right now in small adjacent spaces, doing strong white and flexible and FUD until the new machines arrive. They spoke a bit about interfacing with the community, giving tours, and workshops. And of course how important it was for them to pick a spot to open that was close to the majority of their customers. Both to lower their carbon footprint, but also to be close to the community. I hope that happens. Our dream of course is to be able to send them a file and then bike over from our studio (it’s 10 mins away) to go pick it up! Mayor Bloomberg was there to speak and cut the ribbon. There was lots of talk about how exciting it is to bring in a new wave of hi-tech manufacturing into the city.” Exciting stuff!!! Take a peek throughout the space on the next page… we can only dream (and hope to pop back) about what it will look like when completely filled with 3D printers!

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MetroDeck - MTA Upcycled Playing Cards

mtacard0.jpg Been smitten by these MetroDeck upcycled NYC MTA Subway cards into playing cards ever since seeing them on Collacubed. They are so beautiful and detailed! They are hand silk screened with enamel ink - “Printed on found and repurposed New York City subway fare cards, Metro Deck attempts to visually capture the common thread between commuters, public transportation, and chance. Every card has been gathered at random, after having been purchased, used, and discarded by either a visitor or resident of New York City. Some have been signed or otherwise marked, making each card unique with its own narrative potential. Appropriating the language of playing cards, the work asks us to consider our intimate connection with the subway and the city. The face cards are inspired by landmarks across the five Boroughs, referencing the tremendous reach of the subway system.” I love the Ace of Spades man hole cover… and the city inspired details of the face cards so lovely! WOW - “Designing, collecting, and printing the cards has been my official after-hours pastime for almost two years. Each face card needed four colors to print—approximately 8 hours work.” Additionally, “The deck comes packaged in a custom 2-color, die-cut and letterpressed tuck box printed by Mama’s Sauce Print shop.” WOW - “A total 2,268 cards were printed, wih over 4,000 pulls.” That’s 43 decks?

Each deck will run you 750$, but you can also order just the 4 kings, etc.. It’s too bad that “Given the nature of the materials, these cards are not intended for play.” See the making of and full set of beautiful cards on the next page!

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Ted Baker London's Grand House on 5th Ave

baker1.jpg This post is sponsored by Ted Baker London, which just opened their new NYC ‘Grand House’ Fifth Avenue store! Thank you for supporting NOTCOT, Ted Baker!

To celebrate and announce the opening of Ted Baker London’s ‘Grand House’ store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, we’ve already shown you their Maids & Butlers that were let loose on the city! Well, now, here’s a peek inside the actual STORE! Equally playful and funky, it has everything from a dining table setting along the register, tea sets on the ceiling, jello lighting hanging down… gears in motion in the windows… and of course their maids and butlers were there for the opening as well as playful scavenger hunts, instaprint photobooth, and more! See the fun (in pics and video!) on the next page!

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Ted Baker London's Maids & Butlers take NYC

tedbaker1.jpg This post is sponsored by Ted Baker London, which just opened their new NYC ‘Grand House’ Fifth Avenue store! Thank you for supporting NOTCOT, Ted Baker!

To celebrate and announce the opening of Ted Baker London’s ‘Grand House’ store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, they sent a swarm of 20’s era Maids & Butlers around to clean up the city! In the video of the adventure, you see them polishing subway poles, ironing maps, cleaning the bull on wall street, pouring tea for chess players, befriending horses, singing with the naked cowboy, poop scooping and much more! See the video of all the fun on the next page!

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Favorites of NY Design Week 2012

icff-main.jpg This post is presented by Volvo! Thanks, Volvo, for supporting and sharing our passion for design!

New York Design week has just passed, and as always, design events and products took over the city… with emails and coverage and goodness appearing all over the internet, even though i didn’t make it to NY this week, i’ve been following along and here’s a roundup of designs that grabbed me! From wheelbarrow chairs and bot like modular lamps… beautiful tables made of stunning wood or grassy tops… lamps both generative and basketball inspired… and more! See it all on the next page!

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Republic Bikes at the Mark Hotel NYC

mark1.jpg Adorable black and white bicycle loaded up with the “ultimate picnic in the park created by celebrated chef, George Vongerichten” ~ how could anyone resist? This is park of the latest luxury amenities added to the Mark Hotel including The Mark Restaurant and Bar by Jean-Georges Vongerichten; a shoe shine kiosk by John Lobb; martial arts gym Punch Fitness Center; and a Frederic Fekkai salon… this fleet of bikes are bespoke Republic Bikes with a striped chaincase and monogrammed bicycles, MARK1 license plates, signature black helmets and baskets! As for the ultimate picnic lunch - “Steamed Shrimp Salad, Avocado and Enoki, Champagne Dressing; Fresh Mozzarella, Marinated Roasted Peppers and Arugula; Black Truffle Pizza with Fontina Cheese; Mini Vanilla and Chocolate Éclairs Red velvet cupcake; and Artisanal Cheeses. Lunch-to-go also includes half a bottle of Champagne and a bottle of San Pellegrino. The picnic basket, together with blanket, plates, cutlery and glasses all fit neatly into the bicycles front basket, with a specially designed drink bottle cooler.” Adorable, isn’t it? See more picture on the next page!

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Valentine's Day at W+K NYC

wkny0.jpg Happy Valentine’s Day! For some VDay inspiration, we popped in to Wieden + Kennedy NY to see the creativity and inspiration behind the ads we all love. So much creative energy and playfulness throughout the office! I love the staircase in the Wieden + Kennedy NY office! (So naturally the adorable animal caricatures of everyone in the office a few years back became the main picture!) It’s fun to get a peek behind the scenes of everything from Sportscenter ad spots in the making to crazy tech being schemed… giant Nike shoes looking for decorations… post it note maps of the US… color sorted bookshelves… and an amazing 3 floors of a huge Tribecca building… only two of which are filled with people and the third is used for everything from photoshoots to castings to artist experiments and shopping pop ups! There’s even a “red vein” flowing through each floor sometimes taking the form of couches, other times filing cabinets and meeting spots… and then there’s the adorably sweet Valentine’s present they gifted us too! Take a peek inside the world of W+K NY on the next page!

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Inside Chandelier Creative

chand0.jpg Adventures in New York kicked off with visiting the ball pit/studio of Chandelier Creative (aka Awesomevile.com) at their SoHo penthouse! We shared the pop up book version of the penthouse a few years ago ~ as well as the honey from their surf shack… fun to see all the visual references from the pop up book in reality… from the enormous pink CNC’d doors, to the piano, ball pit, moooi horse lamp, studio dogs and more… take a peek at it all on the next page!

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LUMIÉRE New York by Stephanie Izzo

canony1.jpg This post is part of NOTCOT Having Fun In The Dark series sponsored by Canon Powershot’s Your Second Shot! While taking pictures in the dark means standing super still, you may still end up with more graininess than usual …armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, you can trust the tech to help you capture the perfect shot the first time!

One of the most surreal and perhaps even magical aspects of night photography is when the camera manages to capture views that even your naked eye couldn’t imagine. To turn that sensitivity so far up that every seemingly dim/dark speck of light simply glows is stunning. One of the photographers who’s night photos we love does this beautifully ~ Stephanie Izzo’s Lumiére series of magically sparkling postcard like images are gorgeous! Take a peek at her view on New York on the next page… makes me almost ready to hop a plane over now!

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New York Sunset Color Inspirations...

sky0.jpg This post is brought to you by Lowe’s, and is the brainchild of NOTCOT. Find inspiration and encouragement as you plan, begin and complete do-it-yourself projects at Lowe’s Home 101.

I find myself staring into the sky a lot lately ~ especially in dense cities like New York, i can’t help but to stare upwards often. The clouds are just different! And the sunsets and Manhattanhenge have been awesomely dramatic… so when looking for home inspirations for this latest Lowe’s sponsored post, it seemed like the perfect excuse to see the color palettes we can pull out of these many sunset pics i’m finding on my phone this week! Take a peek at some of the stunning views on the next page!

p.s. I’m also playing with and very impressed with the camera/UX on the new HTC Sensation! These sunset pics were all snapped with its 8mgp camera!

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Ace Hotel New York Inspirations

acemore0.jpg The inspiration is in the details… every time i’m at the Ace Hotel NY ~ or any Ace Hotel for that matter ~ its the fonts, witty statements and quotes, playful design choices, etc that just make me giddy and inspired… take a look at some i found in the loft this trip… photos on the next page!

p.s. I already showed you the Ace x Chromebook x Superfuture collab, and this is the rest of the fun pics!

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Mondrian SoHo: Views + iPads = Room Service

monfood0.jpg So, you’ve seen my stunning full moon views tonight ~ and in the past, Jackson came to the Mondrian SoHo’s staycation and showed us the ipad/room service magic that was breakfast. Well needing a hotel for a night, i decided to try out the Morgan’s Global Card, one of the perks being a “complimentary night at all of our new hotel openings around the world “… and amazingly, even on an expensive and rather full night, calling the number on the back of the card, somehow a room was procured (even the night before)… and upon arrival, even upgraded into a penthouse level suite. I must say i’m impressed. The heinous stress of a last minute booking in the chaos of NY hotels being transformed into a seemless and painfree experience filled with surprises was perfect. But anyhow, back to the view! And the iPad! And the food! Having forgotten to have breakfast before my flight, and not really having food on JetBlue, i was famished by the time i got in around 8pm… and drawn out to the patio with the iPad, room service was ordered with a few quick taps between being mesmerized by the view… it arrived incredibly fast! (Or i just lost track of time out there, but i swear, it was faster than the time i picked - which was essentially ASAP.) So take a peek at MY version of experiencing the views, precariously balancing the iPad on the corner of the railing 25 stories up, breakfast/dinner in a fried egg burger/salad, and a look around the adorable room ~ all on the next page!

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Mondrian SoHo Full Moon Views

monview4.jpg Tonight has been absolutely stunning. The full moon is GORGEOUS. And while i wasn’t able to see the eclipse from here ~ coming in to NY and across the bridge at sunset ~ arriving at the Mondrian SoHo, whisked up to the 25th floor (P1 in the elevator!) and into a room with views all around ~ and a patio i stepped out on to that just took my breath away. To watch the sunset, the moon rise, and the glow and sparkle spread across the city was the perfect moment that made the previous hours of internet free middle seat existence melt away. So stunning, and i can’t stop staring at it out the windows even now as i write this… take a peek on the next page!

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StndAIR: NYC to Hamptons + beyond!

stndAIRmain.jpg StndAIR! Yes, André Balazs and the Standard Hotels now have their own sea plane! And will even give you a ride from the New York City to East Hampton on peek weekends (perfect for hopping over from the Standard New York to Sunset Beach)… or you can charter it for anywhere in a 300 mile radius. Adorably red, “Willa” certainly can’t be missed! This 8 passenger Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian aircraft, staffed by two pilots, officially takes flight tomorrow, but we’ve got some fun sneak peeks at the sketches behind her and her first flight! And in full Standard style, “The cheeky flight experience will include André Balazs Rosé, Swedish Fish, StnAir Branded Water and a Standard flight greeter at departure and arrival.” (Mmmmmm Rosé and Swedish Fish.)

And of course they take the experience even further with their StndAIR Flight Board: “Travelers can ‘compete’ to charter flights at more affordable rates provided they recruit friends to fill the 8 seats on the plane, or take their chances with others seeking the same destination.  The first person to book receives the lowest price and there’s a sliding price scale that gradually increases as more participants sign up for that flight. The first to fill a flight gets the confirmed charter.” So… what are you waiting for? Let’s get a group of 8 together and go! Take a peek at StndAIR’s inaugural flight on the next page!

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Mondrian SoHo: Breakfast + iPads

mondrianmain.jpg One can’t deny that delicious room service is a fantastic luxury to wake up to in a hotel. Well, with our new Tasteologie features, i sent our editor, Jackson, to the newly opened Mondrian SoHo in New York for their press staycation… and we found they do breakfast deliciously! You can take a peek at the sketches and initial looks at the Mondrian Soho in our previous post. One feature takes a look into breakfast in the green garden like space of their Imperial No. Nine restaurant… the second feature takes you inside the room - and the in-room first gen iPad, on which you can do everything, including order breakfast! Delicious and gorgeous, check them out here.

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Hueless at Mallick Williams & Co

huelessmain.jpg Anna popped by the opening show, Hueless, of Mallick Williams & Co gallery in NYC. It’s described as “A Monochromatic Exhibition Featuring Works by D Face, Distort, Shepard Fairey, Erik Haze, Curtis Kulig, Marissa Textor, Pete Watts, FAUST, NTEL, Dirk Dzimirsky, Sam Ske, Marco Zamora, Katsu, Nicholas Forker, Michael M. Koehler, Nathan Pickett, Lindsey de Ovies, Lu Gold Russell Young and Skullphone.” Everything was beautifully, eerily, grayscale… and even the cookies! Take a peek at the opening on the next page.

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Mondrian Soho Sketches

mond0.jpg Sketches! I love when fun sketches come through the inbox ~ these are from the much anticipated Mondrian Soho that just opened in NY. Fun to see the direction the designers headed with it and where it evolved to. Morgans selected Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, the visionary behind the re-imagined Mondrian Los Angeles, to create Mondrian Soho in collaboration with their in-house design team.

“Noriega-Ortiz’s design for the hotel draws inspiration from Jean Coucteau’s 1946 romantic French fantasy film “La Belle et la Bête.” A powdery French blue color palette unifies the hotel interior and a custom carpet adorned with a rose vine design provide entryway to the jewel-box guest rooms, whose interiors features large dramatic mirrors, 10-foot ceilings and floor-to ceiling windows. No decorative art is hung in the rooms as the views are intended to be adornment enough and set the tone and scene for the guest.”

Sounds like a dream ~ and now i keep help imagining Beauty and the Beast (yes, the old disney one) and some of this lovely designer furniture coming to life… can’t wait to see it in person, but for now, take a peek into their world on the next page!

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Penthouse - Morgans Hotel New York

penthouse0.jpg Ever have one of those magical weekends that you just don’t want to end? And even though it was only a brief 48 hours, you’re filled with nostalgia thinking about it already? Sitting in another room at the Morgans Hotel, before finally concluding this nearly 2 week east coast winter adventure tomorrow, i’m definitely feeling that! Dear Morgans Hotel ~ thanks for a magical, otherworldly inspiring weekend literally on top of the world in your perfectly cozy, minimalist penthouse with stunning NYC views. It turned out to be the ideal backdrop to some random adventures. The various shades of grey cubist carpets, furniture, walls, and more were just interesting yet subdued enough not to take over your consciousness, and really let the view and great company take center stage!

The Morgans Hotel Penthouse: the “spacious duplex Manhattan Penthouse at Morgans is a masterwork of timeless form and contemporary function, boasting its own greenhouse, kitchen, media room, dramatic spiral staircase, and two terraces with stunning city views. Updated by Andrée Putman in 2008, the new design retains the original spirit of the quintessential jetsetter’s private New York City apartment, but incorporates a sense of playfulness with touches like a modular and adaptable sofa and a Putman-designed lamp, Compas dans l’Oeil.” And the details are just beautiful… sitting on the couch and around the dinner table this weekend, we couldn’t help discussing which aspects we’d want to incorporate into our own homes, there was something cozily appealing about the set up, and the two decks with Empire views constantly take your breath away… ready to peek at the details? See lots of pics on the next page!

p.s. you’ve already seen the inspiring quote postcards i shot from the penthouse snowiness here! It just took me a bit longer to get to sharing the penthouse itself!

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Bowery Hotel NYC

bowery0.jpg Ack. It’s supposed to be the coldest night in a while here in NYC tonight! I guess it’s a good thing i just hopped the train down from Boston and got settled into the Bowery Hotel in NYC… definitely sounds like it ought to be a room service kind of night… lows of 5 degrees do not sound fun! Be it through laziness or busyness or indecisiveness, i’ve recently begun trying out the GoldSmith services of the fabulous Mr & Mrs Smith… it’s quite magical really, they’ll introduce you to your personal consultant who will take care of you when it comes to booking at any of their destinations as well as automatic room upgrades, airport lounge passes, loyalty plan and more… the part that has been the most fun so far, is it’s been far too fun emailing with my GoldSmith concierge, Jasmine. She’s made my life and inbox easier AND more amusing. While i’ll be testing things out more throughout the year, it’s already been a pleasure having them help me extend my stay in Boston last night at the XV Beacon (i’ve even ended up with a XV Beacon CD upon check out because of the Mr & Mrs Smith connection), and now they’ve worked out a press rate for me at the Bowery Hotel.

But i digress, back to the Bowery Hotel, my new home for the next few days, it’s adorable, and you simply must see the design details… i love their logo! And that they have a big calendar i can scribble on as i try to plan out the upcoming week… It’s so cold out, i totally got in and hopped into the comfy bed to work on the macbook air right now… SO cozy! And love the dark hardwood floors as well… go check it all out on the next page!

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The Macallan Albert Watson NYC Launch

watson1.jpg Oooh these 4am posts after afterparties are becoming a dangerous habit! But there’s just something more fun about sharing gorgeous experiences with you quickly while i’m still riding the wave of inspiration from the preceding hours.

Tonight was the NYC launch of The Macallan’s Masters of Photography second series, featuring stunning photographs by the renowned, Albert Watson. The series is a limited edition set of special Masters of Photography bottles of Macallan paired with platinum prints. While visiting the Macallan Estate a few months ago, they teased us with sneak peeks of the images… projected on the screen in a dark room, while sipping the limited edition deliciousness (i can’t even tell you how spectacular this particular blend is! Yum.) our jaws dropped as we begged them to let us seem them again. So months later, it is a delight to finally see the prints in their true form… and meet Albert Watson himself! (Our friends at Cool Hunting have a lovely interview with him about the series.)

This project follows the story of the casks… from the trees in spain as they become barrels and as barrels become filled with what is aged to become the scotch we know and love in Scotland… and it’s photographed through the eyes of a couple going on a romantic and adventurous roadtrip from spain to scotland. As fun as it is to see the models and mini, the images of nature, the wood as it gets transformed, and the FIRE, are truly breath taking! See all of the platinum print images on the Masters of Photography site.So before i embark on a little road trip with the Macallan in a few hours, i wanted to give you a peek at the launch event, the behind the scenes video, and more… see it all on the next page!

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Fashion Monster from Eli Neugeboren

fashionmonster1.jpg Illustrator, Eli Neugeboren facebooked me about his latest project, and it is just that perfect combination of adorably creepy and beautiful! He says on his blog, “Fashion Monster was a project conceived with photographer Dustin Cohen to combine his photographs and my “monster” illustrations. We set out to create a noir feel, knowing that the monsters would upend that with their absurd placement and bright colors. Shot on location around lower Manhattan at the beginning of Fall, the light was great and the team Dustin put together created wonderful images for me to work with.” The fashion is Edelweiss by Sarah, model is Mirielle from APM Models, hair & makeup by Angelique Velez, styling by Matthew Simonelli, ahoto assistant/stunt driver is Andrew Hanenberg, photo assistant is Winfield Foster, and producers, Kids With Candy, Casey Levine & Monique Perreault.

There’s something so incredibly fun about the whole series, and will make you peer around buildings and over your shoulder as you saunter through New York… i’d love to see an animated version of this look book! See more on the next page!

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