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GTA IV or MarioKart

gtamario1.jpgThis is definitely the week of driving. The sites have been insanely quiet today because i have spent over 8 hours cruising down the 101 (the historic El Camino Real - slowly passing many of the california missions) - at no more than 60 mph behind a uhaul towing a car that i spent all day/night packing yesterday... and yesterday between packing (moving the NOTCOT norcal office back to socal - so dan and i are both back in LA for good now), i was also a bit slow yesterday (and sunday and monday) because in between packing i couldn't stop playing MarioKart for the Wii!!! It's terribly addictive, and so adorable, and as silly as it feels to be holding a plastic toddler feeling fake steering wheel, i love it.

So MarioKart for Wii as one extreme... on the other end of the gaming/driving spectrum... getting back to my house after midnight (and the xbox still being in a box in the uhaul somewhere) i was thrilled to be greeted by a large amazon box with the GTA IV Special Edition set for XBOX (also available for PS3)... seriously, no one does schwag like Rockstar - beyond innovative gameplay and gorgeous graphics, their packaging and schwag always manage to blow my mind. So although i haven't played the game yet, the unboxing of the Security Deposit Box, Art Book, Duffle Bag and more is not to be missed... see it all on the next page!

So - MarioKart or GTA? Which will you be driving this week?

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Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

strongbadg1.jpgWiiWare!!! Coming in June ~ Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People! As you can tell, i'm pretty excited about this one... can you believe Home Star Runner has been running for 8 years now?!?! Here's an excerpt from the press release:

SAN RAFAEL, CA, April 10, 2008 - Interactive entertainment pioneer Telltale, Inc. is pleased to announce Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP), a new series of episodic games for WiiWare™, in partnership with Videlectrix. Starring Strong Bad, the self-proclaimed coolest person ever, the series is based on Matt and Mike Chapman's online animated series, which has been running at Homestarrunner.com since 2000. SBCG4AP will launch on WiiWare this June.
As the very first episodic series for connected consoles, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has been designed specifically for WiiWare, with easy-to-use controls and WiiConnect24™ features. Like Telltale's popular Sam & Max series, SBCG4AP will be released as a five-episode "season" akin to a season of television. The episodes will come out on a monthly schedule. Release dates and pricing details will be revealed in a future announcement.

But the exciting part for today... the launch of the video trailer... and the "well paid advertisement" flash strong bad email! via the wonderful 4 Color Rebellion!

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Vinyl Cutter + Wii

bday07.jpgUPDATE: Hey Kotaku people - these ARE 5 min doodles that got scanned and vectorized and printed just to see what the vinyl cutter could do... the wiimote was next to me, so just stuck them on there ~ (and our resident engineer made the tree) ~ this whole post is really just about a girl playing with her new toy.

Sorry i've been pretty quiet... big proposals, meetings, and i've been happily forced to take a little breather the last two days... and today i'm old. Quarter of a century old. It just doesn't feel right quite yet... but i must say, its far easier to deal with when i have the best present ever in front of me...

Funny thing is, the more i write about products and review and critique, the less i had on the wishlist this year... in fact i have actually been more obsessed with what to gift others! When some of the other bloggers hit me up for the "what's on YOUR wishlist?" i came up BLANK (sorry josh spear and design*sponge! I tried!). But Dan apparently managed to go beyond reading my mind, and found me the perfect gift ~ an industrial 24" vinyl cutter, with all the tools, a few rolls of vinyl stickering (enough to cover every wall i can find at the moment), and some transfer paper... it hooks up via usb, and illustrator just prints right to it... combine it with the magic of Live Trace and... WOW. This truly is the most fun i've had in a long time... we've been printing so many random illustrator files all night, and a few of the crazy experiments shown below (jeez this thing can print super thin lines!) - from some wiimote decorating, pirate brontos on the mac apple, and just crazy stickering... expect some more amusing projects/art installations/street art/event signage/stickers.... soon. But for now, i'm taking a little break! Gift guide update for the day coming later on after i get some shut eye!

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thanks07.jpgWow thanksgiving was a bit different this year. Apparently technology = bonding? Was this true for you too? Did your wii, xbox 360, and cell phones change the social dynamic of the feasting?

I haven't done a big family one (or been in the states for it) much the last decade... so it was funny to see everyone all grown up and out of college at my aunts, and we had a new set of young ones (twins 7 and 4) and all of us 20 somethings to entertain them. Just thinking back on what we did as kids at thanksgiving... we probably ran around outside - pool/basketball/tennis/etc, built forts, board games? movies? played lots of mortal kombat, sonic, etc? Well it certainly feels like times have changed... i brought down a plate of cookies and a basket of wii games as my contribution... the cousins had the wii projected on the wall ~ and hours were spent introducing newbies (who quickly got competitive!) to wii golf, tennis, and guitar hero... (fascinating watching how quickly even the 4 year olds would pick up mii making and game playing - not to mention how impressive the 7 year olds were at guitar hero)... the older generation was singing along... and when the little ones got bored early at dinner ~ their instant amusement? Borrowing camera phones and running around taking pictures and asking to keep them (i was slightly surprised they weren't emailing them to themselves)...

Anyhow, i wasn't the only one... Dan flew out to see family in Virginia and brought the wii and everything to go with it... and over at Joystiq, Ross has a great post on bringing Rock Band to his family feast (love checking out the images and the full family review of the new game)... and my old boss was even going to throw a Rock Band Party for Black Friday (momentarily postponed!)... Anyhow, just a quick post to reminisce... and ponder what we did back in the day?!?! So i guess i should have really added Rock Band and Guitar Hero to the Thanksgiving survival gift guide, but at least i had the wii!

Oh and on guitar hero ~ quite possibly the best Will It Blend to date is the one below of the GUITAR being blended. Must watch.

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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

rabbids2launch.jpgRayman's Raving Rabbids 2 is here! (like literally in my hand) Finally! Anyhow, i've been over worked and under slept all week, and its been sheer insanity, so i'm taking a breather to play this ridiculousness for now! See more silliness at their awesome blog.

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Rabbids are Coming

newrabbid1.jpgThe Rabbids have returned! Almost... Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 coming in Nov! They are back and better than ever for wii ~ more mini games ~ and you can even customize not only rayman but the rabbids too with over 110 items! And the theme is world travel (makes sense since they've been launching all of the "around the world" videos on their blog)... also noteworthy and silly exciting thing for this strangely dreary halloween day ~ seeing my Rabbid toy on their faux desktop. And as always their desktops, screensavers, videos, and graphic design are top notch ~ so see below for screenshots, etc.

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Raving Rabbids 2

There is little that is more amusing than the official Raving Rabbids videos... the first round was amazing with Rabbid Facts... and this time there is the Around the World campaign... so far with Bunnies at Tour de France, and Sumo wrestling! Check out the videos below, as well as the main trailer. Can't wait till Raving Rabbids 2 finally comes out.

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Wii Strap On's Review

Wii Strap Ons... there's the Sports Pack" and the Combat Pack, and we've posted about them both (on com and .org)... well, its hard to tell what the quality, packaging, amusingly slightly altered logos (Wii or Wu?), materials, details, etc were like ~ so Jermacide bought them for our amusement... unboxing and close ups below.

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Wii Sword+Shield

Need to find more ways to make your Wii feel more realistic? Or more like when you were a little kid and had a battle with wooden (ok, so mine were plastic i think) swords? This new foam collection by Hong Kong based Brando were too hilarious. Sword, Shield and Knife? or is it a machete? or a curved bladed thing to swing around? So here's a little set to help make those endless hours of Zelda more enjoyable... and red steel... and any other game you manage to use them with! via Red Ferret.

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Rabbid Portraits

Rayman's Rabbids in combination with the Wii changed my life. (And now there is also a wii off to change Pres Rodriguez's life out in Florida ~ CONGRATS! to our wii winner). That being said, anyone who has yet to experience the insanity of the Rabbids on the wii, get to it! So, i finally did a mini shoot with my vinyl Rabbids... and they were too fun not to share, more below.

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Want a Wii?

We love the wii here at notcot ~ the whole team has one pretty much... well we've randomly picked up 5 at targets luckily, so decided to share one with a lucky reader. All .org readers know we've been closely following the great design, UI, and innovative games and wii ready sites like wiiminder, wiitoob, wiihear, etc. And our favorite game/animations lately... Rayman's Rabbids!

Additionally, i'm sure you've noticed the ad spaces i've been slowly adding to .com and .org ~ its been a really hard decision on my part, but the last year of running the sites has been so fun, i'm excited to move closer to making NOTCOT my full time gig (i still do a lot of UX/design consulting). The ad spaces aren't perfect yet, and design wise been trying to work them in nicely, but don't be surprised to see them evolve quite a bit on both in the upcoming weeks... have ideas on how the layouts might work better? lets hear them!

SO. What does this mean? and how to win the wii? Federated Media needs another survey to be run to get us more innovative/creative ads... so ~ basically fill out the survey here... and in the comments section (bottom of the survey), leave your email address (and if you're feeling nice, what you love about the wii?), and the winner will be contacted Friday!

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Wii - hold on tight

How far does YOUR wii love go? For one of the guys at Super78... his Wii love and freetime made this awesome cgi ad for fun... here's what he told Gizmodo: "I really love the Wii and I had been reading these stories about Wii controllers flying out of peoples hands. We had some down time at the office so I got together with one of the animators and I sketched out a storyboard of the spot. In the board the controller is this high energy maniac and the nun-chuck just wants to get away. So our most talented animator Michael Smith created this fun spot there is a lot of character...This was done by us, Super 78, using our own resources, no agency was involved, no money changed hands. I am hoping that you could post it so we can see if it catches fire." Watch the "ad" below...

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Wii-ing at the Gansevoort

The wii is such a unattainable, trendy, brilliantly designed (from exterior to UI to UX), cultural obsession of the moment - following the stories and products coming up around it are just hard to ignore. Latest level of Wii-ness, NY's boutique Hotel Gansevoort, "the first full-service luxury hotel in Manhattan's meatpacking district" - has WII's for guests to play with (as well as telescopes, LG HDTVs, directv, etc). LOVE this video on CRAVE of Caroline McCarthy having a chance to play with the PR ladies in the penthouse suite. I'm jealous, and the designer tech lover i am, even though i have a wii, i'm now more curious about any boutique hotel so that is brilliant enough to see the edge in providing wiis for guests in a time where people are still ready to line up all night outside a best buy in socal's freezing weather! [side note: should there be, don't drink and wii warnings?]

And a quick CRAVE shoutout ~ while engadget and gizmodo are like the cnn's of tech... CRAVE (with sci-fi tech blog in a close second) has quickly become my favorite tech read every morning.

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Just a quick update - been a little quiet/all over the place this week... because last week i got bored and drove up to SF for what ended up being a week (freshly back in socal now) - and well, on the way up, happened upon a target that had wii's and Shade Elaine (and everyone we know in SF) and i have been having quite a bit of fun with that. If you haven't tried it yet, get one! I hate to admit its much sweeter than i thought (although i must say nintendo was brilliant to stick it on that slanted stand, but if you put the wii lying down, it really is JUST another external drive... with a blue glow) So yes, between all the bowling, boxing, rabbid rabbiting (best game EVER), zeldaing, and mii-making... we are big fans of the wii here at notcot. [Oooh, and if you haven't seen the wii site, the videos of "real people" playing are great. And i love these stills that the penny arcade boys did for Raving Rabbids.)

SEND US SOME Miis! I know you guys are a creative bunch, so, feel like sharing some miis? email/comment us.

Also on the technology note... will be heading over to vegas Mon-Weds for CES... and will update you on what gorgeous goodies i find. Will probably be avoiding posting the 100"+ lcd tvs, etc etc... but they are certainly drool worthy in person. Anyone else coming?

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