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The Bridge House, San Diego, CA


I keep finding myself real estate shopping/researching more and more - especially paying attention to unusual design solutions to challenging lots - and today this Bridge House on 8th Street in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA caught my eye. Owners, Rammy and Traci Cortez, and architect, Hector Magnus of Architects Magnus build The Bridge House. Quite the unmissable black and white structure that initially looks like two houses, but is actually a fascinating solution to a 10ft city utility easement running through the center of the property. It is a two-story, 2,700 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths single family home with a grated steel 12-foot bridge, on a mere 4,725 sqft lot. The pictures are a bit confusing to stitch together in my head… until i dove into the 3D Walkintour (pssst - jump to floor 3 to see what’s above the garage, and jump to another floor to get back out.) I wonder what the rules to an easement are - you can build a bridge over it? Or does it have to be see through? Will have to look into that more…

In the mean time - take a peek inside and around the house on the next page!

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Carlton Edwards Slickrock House


This is the Carlton Edwards designed Slickrock House in the Mountain Air Community of Burnsville, NC. I stumbled across with our new side project Future Nashville Instagram where i’m sharing interesting designs - from Nashville homes to places and products - as we watch the city evolve so quickly before our eyes! Basically, this emerged as part of the next phase of our NOTCOT Nashville Project House, where all of my ongoing research needed its own digital space. It’s all part of our process while we dream about what to build on the lot behind the little house!

So, while hunting and learning about design/build folks in Nashville, i came across Carlton Edwards which is an interesting design/build firm based in Asheville, Memphis, and Nashville. Their house i keep coming back to is the Slickrock House (2009), so precariously perched on a steep lot similar to ours! And as we will likely have to do too - they have a bridge from sidewalk to front door! It’s interesting to see the design choices they made for the cantilevered woody house. Mountain Xpress says that the “house’s design mixes industrial features, such as steel beams, with native wood, including cedar, cypress, Douglas fir, walnut and recycled heart of pine. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer sweeping mountain views. The home also has a living roof covered with vegetation.” See all the exterior details on the next page!

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Nashville Craft Distillery + Naked Biscuit


Field Trip! We’ve been trying to mix up construction worker schedules and manual labor exhaustion from the Nashville Project House with mini adventures to keep the random inspiration flowing… today i convinced Shawn to swing by the brand new Nashville Craft Distillery! The architecture and signage were enough to draw our attention alone… but once you step inside, the mid-century inspired design continues, a stunning copper still will mesmerize, and then there’s their first spirit - a truly unique Naked Biscuit!!! Unlike anything i’ve tasted - it’s a 45 proof spirit made from 100% pure sorghum syrup. I got caught up on sorghum - “Sweet sorghum cane has been grown in Tennessee for generations. Unlike sugar cane, it is well adapted to our state’s climate, making it an ideal ingredient to ferment and distill into a delicious, locally sourced specialty spirit. Our inaugural batches were produced using 100 percent pure sorghum syrup from Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill, in the Tennessee hills midway between Nashville and Knoxville. For decades, the Guenther family business has kept up with the growing demand for sorghum syrup.” Apparently a lot of people use sorghum syrup on pancakes and biscuits - totally trying that soon! As for their Naked Biscuit Spirit, it falls into the rum/tequila family, but you have to taste it to understand the subtleties of the flavors! And this is only the first release of this nascent distillery.

Wandering in midday, we has the chance to chat, taste, and tour the facilities with founder, Bruce Boeko. His story is pretty fascinating - from forensic scientist, musician, homebrewer - to a distiller with a passion for design and doing things right! He’s taking no shortcuts as he and the team learn and craft their spirits from scratch while supporting local farms (and designers) whenever possible! The results promise to be something distinctly Tennessee thru and thru. In a world where things are getting more and more accessible and similar globally, it’s always inspiring to find things that are truly a product of their unique environment. I can’t wait to taste their whiskey in a few years (must be patient as it ages!) - but for now - take a peek into the beautiful Nashville Craft Distillery and check out their Naked Biscuit Spirit on the next page.

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Mercado Sagrado - Malibu

mercados00.jpg I can’t imagine a lovelier way to spend a Sunday than laying out on a grassy field in a Malibu vineyard filled canyon surrounded by chill live music, delicious treats, happy people, horses, ducks, and more… while being inspired by unique artists and the incredible structures they’ve popped up! This was the scene today at Mercado Sagrado - a relaxing festival founded by photographer Heather Culp and artist Carly Jo Morgan - spread out in the Oak Grove at Saddlerock Ranch. Our highlights were definitely seeing more of the geometric wood sculptures of Aleph Geddis (also - his instagram is amazing) and getting our aura photos taken in a geodesic dome by Radiant Human (which has only sparked a fascination with the 70’s polaroid tech behind aura pics. Apparently the tech hasn’t changed much?!?!) Take a look at the relaxing inspiration we found on the next page…

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Cadillac: Driven By Design, Los Angeles

arch0.jpg This post is in partnership with Cadillac. Last time they brought us to Atlanta for Road to Table: A Cadillac Culinary Experience. This time, they invited us to Driven by Design, in our hometown of Los Angeles. A fantastic day of architectural adventuring close to home!

Cadillac has teamed up with Architectural Digest for a series of architectural tours in various cities, including Miami and Los Angeles, and they were kind enough to invite us to experience a different view of LA in a train of brand new 2015 Cadillac Escalades cruising through the hills. First stop: The Hotel Bel-Air. Followed by the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, the iconic (and film and music video famous) Sheats Goldstein residence in Beverly Hills by John Lautner, and the North Faring residence in Holmby Hills. There was definitely something surreal about wandering the Sheats Goldstein residence at sunset, aka the Big Lebowski Jackie Treehorn House! It was a great experience to get to peek at all of these designs up close. See the details of them all on the next page.

This post is in partnership with Cadillac.

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London Design Festival 2014 at the V&A

vamein.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she explores the 2014 London Design Festival.

The “spiritual home” of the London Design Festival, the Victoria and Albert Museum is always filled with fun contrasts between classical masterpieces and modern design interventions. This year was no exception, with some fascinating installations throughout the museum. Here are just a few of our favorite pieces, from the mesmerizing Candela by Felix de Pass, Michael Montgomery and Ian McIntyre to Disobedient Objects, a new exhibit exploring the role of objects in activism, to Precision & Poetry in Motion, a kinetic sculpture created by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby with BMW that rotates and reflects within the Raphael Gallery, and more…

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Hack Circus from Andre Sampaio Kong

fishymain.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she visits the London graduate showcases. This post is from Show RCA 2014.

The RCA Architecture school’s Hack Circus by Andre Kong was hard to ignore. The display was more like a desk you’d find on Steve Zissou’s ship. The wooden octopus stool, aquatic illustrations, and electronic fish in a bowl caught my eye.

What it actually is… “A theatre for the post-tragic condition of subverted capitalist technologies”. In Kong’s own words: “Here the first crowd-funded Hackfest (the annual hackathon event) is hosted in its germinal amphitheatre and from it THE CIRCUS IS BORN. As the alienated community grows and floats down the Thames, ties with power structures, ideology and the obsolete value system of the city are gradually severed until it sets itself free, beyond territorial waters and, in an act of ‘sousveillance,’ taps into a submarine Internet cable in the North Sea.”. A fascinating, beautiful, interactive project. Take a peek at the details on the next page!

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2014 Toyota Tundra Adventures in PA

tundra0.jpg It’s been a crazy summer of trying new things, which has inevitably lead to more unexpected travel, surprise encounters, and non-stop summer inspiration. Well, adding to the list of firsts ~ Toyota just brought me out to Farmington, PA for the last two days to play with the new 2014 Tundra, which has meant: my first time shooting a shotgun (and getting a taste of “golf with a shotgun”) as well as my first time properly playing with trucks (towing large things and off-roading in lots of water!)… So fun, so exhausting, and while somethings are embargo’d till next week, i did get the ok to share the experiences and design details with you now! It is definitely more angular and more aggressive visually… and designed right in socal at Calty!

So, take a peek on the next page to see my adventures at the bizarrely epic Nemacolin Woodlands Resort (which has everything from shooting, fly fishing, golf, spa, LIONS, airstrip, casino, classic car collection, ziplines, dog sledding, and so much more…) to our quick visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kentuck Knob, to off-roading and exploring with the new 2014 Tundra, as well as a few of my favorite details!

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Alessi Il Tempo della Festa Timbale Mould

jello0.jpg Alessi Il Tempo della Festa Timbale Moulds are a set of 6 architecturally inspired silicone molds that come in black, white, and three transparent colorways designed by Mario Trimarchi. As they describe, “Ever since the end of the 1500s the shapes of desserts, cake moulds and timbales have been evolving, often imitating or reproducing forms found in architecture and nature. Mario Trimarchi, with this series of six Timbales for sweet and savory preparations.” Depending on what you’re making, you can layer in different colors and substances to create surprising jello shots, cakes, and more! Take a peek at sketches, initial molds, and more on the next page!

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Architects of Air: Exxopolis at CSULB

exxopolis0.jpg This weekend at CSU Long Beach, the Associated Students, Inc. brought Architects of Air “EXXOPOLIS” to their lawns… The incredible inflatable Luminaria from Architects of Air are a wondrous series of tunnels and rooms to explore. The Exxopolis 1992-2012 is AOA’S 20th luminarium design to celebrate their original Eggopolis from 22 years ago. From the exterior it feels like you’ve driven past a colony of Pokemon or Super Mario’s Koopas bounce houses… bubbly and inflated on the lawn besides the huge blue pyramid. From within (without your shoes or sharp objects) it feels like you’re wandering a mesmerizing, inflated, toasty labyrinth where tunnels lead you to single colored glowing rooms that mess with your head… Take a peek on the next page at what it felt like…

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Inspiration: Venice Architecture Biennale

bien0.jpg There was SO much to see at the Venice Biennale ~ as usual, so much running around and so many details to take in… so beyond the features we’ve shared with you thus far (wire bending robots, Israeli Aircraft Carrier Shop, architectural model projection mapping, Russian QR code madness, amazing, colorful model in the Hong Kong space, Kipnis’ Field Of Dreams, the recycled wine bottle roof, and the incredible hydroponic floating plant system!) there have been tons of pictures left… so on the next page you can see a burst of the random inspiration encountered while exploring it all!

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Supermanoeuvre Robot Wire Bending

roboben-TOPmain.jpg Here’s the latest from our NOTlabs director and robot wrangler, Shawn Sims, from our explorations at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale!

It was an awesome surprise to step into the Australian Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale and see a robot wire-bending installation by my old professor, Dave Pigram! He and Iain Maxwell of Supermanoeuvre collaborated with Wes Mcgee from Matter Design Studio and together set out to design a wire-bent sculpture specifically for the pavilion. The installation begins on the lower level of the pavilion and spans all the way to the ceiling. As you get closer you notice intricate details of how it all fits together and can’t help but marvel at the precision.

Before bending each rod, curves are drawn and analyzed on the computer. Those 3D curves are then digitally interpreted to tell the robot how to move and what to do. The wire bender and the robot arm work together, rotating, grabbing, and bending each vertex. Since robotic fabrication is extremely precise and the makeup of the steel can vary, the result is a near perfect physical manifestation of the digital model. Once each rod is completed, larger chunks are assembled from the individual pieces. They use small tack welds to hold the assemblies in place. The designers and fabricators wrote custom software, made unique hardware, and are actively redefining the way we design and make things. Take a look at the Australian Pavilion installation as well as the robots in action on the next page!

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Cloud 9: Architectural Projection Mapping

pod1.jpg Another Venice Architecture Biennale inspiration i’m surprised we didn’t see more of ~ projection mapping on architectural models! It really brings them to life as you see cars driving on the roads to shadows cast by the buildings moving as the daylight comes and goes… we spotted this one in the Spain Lab’s Cloud 9 project room. See the video and more pictures on the next page to see how effective it was!

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CAVE: Imaginary City. Kai Tak

intcities0.jpg It was hard not to get drawn in to the Hong Kong space across from the entrance of the Arsenale at the Venice Architecture Biennale. The amazing little courtyard filled with wooden edible garden planters beneath the old grape vine covered trellis… and inside, amongst the many projects… we found the most spectacularly colorful and detailed world of a model for Imaginary City Kai Tak by CAVE architecture design studio. From the mini flying cars to cow farms to dragons to card playing old guys and more, there were endlessly fascinating little details worked into the model!

They describe the project ~ “By reversing the conventional methodology of masterplanning CAVE speculates an Imaginary Kai Tak by firstly exploring the local stories, maps, photographs and cultural events before the process of zoning. Six narratives are inspired by qualities drawn from these events which are then further developed into six device systems. The device systems are embodied as residential blocks, a transport hub, agriculture green space, a cultural retail hub, a government complex and multi-functional units. These systems function collaboratively to compose a city that resolves the needs for a speculative future of Kai Tak (where Hong Kong is under global environmental threat) whilst simultaneously preserving the shared memories and qualities of South East Kowloon. This project was commissioned by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and exhibited in the 2012 Venice Biennale.” The details can’t be missed ~ see it all on the next page!

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The Piranesi Variations: Kipnis' A Field Of Dreams

kipnis0.jpg One of the most visually inspiring projects at the Venice Architecture Biennale this year was undeniably The Piranesi Variations. As ArchDaily concisely explains, “Peter Eisenman has formed a team to revisit, examine and reimagine Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s 1762 folio collection of etchings, Campo Marzio dell’antica Roma. Derived from years of fieldwork spent measuring the remains of ancient Roman buildings, these six etchings depict Piranesi’s fantastical vision of what ancient Rome might have looked like and represent a landmark in the shift from a traditionalist, antiquarian view of history to the scientific, archaeological view.” Four variations emerged for the display from Eisenman Architects, students from Yale University, Jeffrey Kipnis with his colleagues and students of the Ohio State University, and Belgian architecture practice, Dogma.

Jeffrey Kipnis and the Ohio State University group’s presentation and visual language were so mesmerizing, i simply had to dive in to the details to share with you… On the next page you can see how their bold black and white (with a splash of gold) graphics and model pull you right in like a graphic novel… and as you get closer you start noticing the every day materials used - from rolling hills of drinking straws, to (penis and other more traditional shaped) pasta painted black, blocks creating cranes, frolicking/fighting human like creatures, and more. As they take you from heaven down to the known world and into the chaotic depths of hell ~ introducing you to the characters - buildings, both traditional reinterpretations and newer ones from “Captain Dust and the League of Happy Gentlepersons” ~ you can’t help but ponder the possibilities of what it all means, but first, jump into the fascinating tiny details of their presentation on the next page!

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Solaris Shipping Container Bar in Linz

shippingcontainer.jpg We’ve been spending a lot of time at OK “Offenes Kulturhaus” while here in Linz - especially today, since i was helping set up Shawn and Golan’s Free Universal Construction Kit project for the CyberArts12 exhibition (sneak peek coming in a few!) that opens tomorrow! In fact, spending all day there, both staring out the window and walking through the courtyard numerous times, we couldn’t help but be fascinated by the magical shipping container that at the push of a remote control, the corner lifts up and turns into a BAR! Take a peek at our view of it from the exhibition out the window on the next page!

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Clerkenwell Design Week: Order of St John's

church0.jpg The latest from London-based editor, Justine Aw. Today she caught up with the action at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012.

Clerkenwell Design Week always amazes me with its beautiful and unusual venues throughout East London that provide beautiful backdrops for design. In addition to the stunning Farmiloe building and House of Detention. This year, CDW have added a third gorgeous and unexpected venue, the stunning Order of St. John. The order has been taken over by CDW to create two gorgeous gallery spaces, one light, airy and very bright space and a more mysterious, but equally stunning crypt! More photos of this gorgeous space and the beautiful furniture it showcases on the next page.

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Operation Window Seat: Helicopter in Rio

helirio00.jpg As this adventure comes to a close (about to head to the airport in a few for a day of GIG-JFK-LAX, hopefully home by weds afternoon) ~ had to share the views from helicoptering around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ i’ve already shown you the aerial views of beaches and the Sambodromo… and there were SO many mesmerizing ones left, i’ve had the hardest time narrowing them down… so before i hop on my next plane, i leave you with a bunch of them to explore on the next page! It was AMAZING. I wish i could do it again ~ and again ~ and then heli-tour every city! But Rio was especially beautiful seen this way… so many incredible buildings and favelas mixed into the luscious greenery of Brazil… and the Corcovado! You can really see it just about everywhere! Take a peek on the next page… and perhaps i’ll add more details when i get back…

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Glasshouse by VONSUNG

IMG_3278.jpg Our London-based editor Justine Aw catches up with the latest action from the London Design Festival!

Another fun architectural piece I adored this year was this beautiful, delicacy filled indoor glasshouse by VONSUNG for Tramshed 2011. The Glasshouse was designed by Joseph Sung, Michiko Ito, Jing Chen, Gernando Cavalli and Grace Hsu and served as a pop-up cafe. Sung describes the Glasshouse as design nurturing the relationship between construction and innovation, forming an ‘incubator’ for the food within. From outside, the polycarbonate structure looks like a hybrid between a polytunnel and a glasshouse, with soft lighting permeating its translucent walls. It somehow manages to be simultaneously eerie and inviting. Great touches follow within as well, like the playful Peter Pan rabbits from Ligne Roset, and of course plenty of tasty treats as well (Vietnamese delicacies from Viet Hoa). More photos on the next page!

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'Perspectives' at St Pauls by John Pawson

SwarovskiPerspectives-trio2.jpg This year’s coverage of the London Design Festival kicks off with a post from our London-based editor Justine!

It is truly amazing what a perfectly designed, executed and situated lens and mirror can do to transform a space! John Pawson and Swarovski Crystal Palace have created a minimalist masterpiece that really showcases the beauty of the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral. Undeniably artistic, ‘Perspectives’ piece shows great understanding of the science of the optical experience and makes excellent use of light, space and proportion to capture and reflect the beauty of Sir Christopher Wren’s cathedral, 300 years after its completion.

‘Perspectives’ allows all visitors to look both up at the staggering beauty of the Geometric staircase as well as down from the top (a view accessible only to a privileged few). Pawson has accomplished this through a crystal meniscus of Swarovski crystal, situated on a reflective hemisphere. The view from above is then reflected downward from a spherical convex mirror hanging above in the tower’s cupola some 23m above. The project is a beautiful celebration of St. Paul’s and brings Swarovski’s role as a lens maker to the fore. The minimalist design of this impressive 14kg lens puts Wren’s architecture at the fore and provides a beautiful, unique perspective of this London landmark. London Design Festival is off to a great start! Check out more images of ‘Perspectives’, as well as photos of the champagne breakfast overlooking St. Paul’s on the next page!

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Robert Ware's Repository of the Eternal Now

archimain.jpg Another discovery from Justine from Show RCA 2011 is Repository of the Eternal Now by Robert Ware.

Robert Ware’s piece explores techniques where information is translated from digital to physical. The first experiment is constructed from the recycled parts out of old inkjet printers connected up to an arduino board, which creates beautiful drawings from data (far more beautiful than printed spreadsheets!). He has also used RepRap, an open source 3D printer and hardware constructed from components available in any DIY store, Rob has 3D printed St Paul’s cathedral. But the project is about much more. See some of the many aspects of the project and more info on the next page!

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Laura Georgina Smith's Hackney Factory

laurasmithclearchair.jpg Another find from Justine! - More fun from the architecture department at Show RCA 2011! My favorite, most unexpected piece was this gorgeous chair! The chair is a sample of one of the types of products that could be made in the Hackney Factory, beautifully capturing the process of recycling and reuse, i.e. junk being transformed into bespoke products through craft and digital processes. Love it! So pretty… also you have to take a peek at Hackney Factory project, which consists of a close loop of recycling micro-factories and market forum, essentially creating a micro-community model based on urban mining. Stunning stuff ~ check it all out on the next page!

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EyeO Festival 2011

eyeo0.jpg Through some random and spontaneous series of events, i have currently found myself hiding out in Minneapolis for the EyeO Festival - “eyeo brings together the most creative coders, designers and artists working today, and shaping tomorrow - expect an amazing three days of talks, labs, demos & events fueled by the people and tools that are transforming digital culture. converge to inspire.” Inspiring, right? Well even just as surprising and mesmerizing is the beautiful SPACE they are holding it in ~ the Univ of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center… architecturally fascinating, as much as i try to focus and pay attention, can’t help but stare up every which way… the materials, facets, colors… anyhow, take a peek into the space on the next page as i try to pay better attention in this awesome “Session: Design I/O - Playful Spaces and Generative Design” talk by Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson. More to come…

UPDATE: the badges, maps, posters are by Erik Brandt aka Typografika!

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Sarah Wai's Banking on Morals: RCA 2011

woodcut0.jpgJustine went to check out the incredible RCA 2011 Graduate show! Here’s a peek at what she found…

This is the Banking on Morals series by Sarah Wai. The models contemplate a new type of bank that is based on religious values and architecture, with the architecture taking on a hybrid role between sanctuary and bank. Take a peek at some of the details and models on the next page…

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Ferrari's City of Tomorrow

ferrari.jpg Ferrari parts, tiny abstract people, and architecture - how can you go wrong? Justine has found more window fun on London’s Regent Street. The display in the Ferrari store is my favorite of the Regent Street Windows Project, a collaboration between Regent Street retailers, the Royal Institute of British Architect’s, Elle and Regent Street.

The Ferrari display, “Cities of Tomorrow” showcase Ferrari-inspired urban environments of the future. The window designs are the work of Duggan Morris Architects in collaboration with Ferrari and Pipers. The displays are made of Ferrari memorabilia, original, unique and certified components from past and present of F1 and GT cars, which can be purchased from the Ferrari store. The Cities of Tomorrow windows will be on view at the Ferrari Store on Regent Street until Sunday 29 May 2011. Take a peek at the installations on the next page!

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