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eyescream0.jpg Been dreaming about going to Barcelona to get Eyescream since i first saw it on Moco Loco last night. Amazing new conceptual twist on all the taiwanese shaved ice cream shops popping up all over… stunningly playful branding… and to turn the less than attractive treat into something more fun, they keep the toppings separate, and eyes! (Only way they could make it better is to have edible googly eyes!) Fantastic design by Estudio m Barcelona (Merche Alcalá, Marion Dönneweg). Take a peek at the incredible creatures, branding, and deliciousness on the next page.

p.s. also check them out on facebook and yelp.

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Spanair Campaign Graphics

spanair00.jpg Flew Spanair for the first time ~ noticed a fun graphic ad in their inflight magazine… and found it HUGE when i landed in Barcelona. The icons on it for each city they fly to were so cute i couldn’t help taking pics! See the details on the next page!

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Operation Window Seat - PMI-BCN Sunrise

pmi-bcn1.jpg As painful as waking up at 4am was to grab a 5am cab to catch a 7am flight out of Mallorca earlier than planned (but for good reason! Off to german adventures to see siblings of my car being made and meet the guy who built my engine! but more on that later) ~ the sunrise was gorgeous out the airplane window from Mallorca to Barcelona… take a peek on the next page!

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La Residencia in Deia, Mallorca

resroomMAIN.jpg On great escapes, the Orient Express (and their Journey Like No Other) seems to know how to do it ~ this week in particular we’ve been hiding out at La Residencia in Deia, Mallorca, Spain in between trips (See the madness surrounding this escape and a peek at the views at night). I can guarantee your stress levels will drop ten fold even from the drive in from Palma (or via private jet)… the softly twisting roads bring you deeper into the island’s canyons and terraced lush green hillsides. The hotel and surrounding town have apparently changed little over the last few decades, and before joining the Orient Express family in 2002 was owned by Richard Branson since the late 80s, and a favorite escape for many high profile clients over the years. Luxurious accommodations, great service, and breath taking views… not to mention divine tapas… while you have multiple pools, tennis, spa and lots of hiking, sailing, and more available, it’s hard to beat taking a few hours curled up on the patio of our suite staring out at the mountains and ocean… so take a peek inside the Alfabia suite, our ridiculously large bathroom, luscious four poster bed (with tv that pops out from the foot of the bed)… in addition to a few other fun details ~ from the call buttons that are poolside… to the various donkeys, sheep, and olive groves around the property (which they make their own olive oil from!) as well as an organic garden next to the spa!

p.s. You have to see the amazing little cove that is a quick walk/hike down into the canyons to the water…

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Hotel La Residencia at Night

res1.jpg In exactly a week i’ve gone from LA to Frankfurt to a few hours at the Auto Show, doing a live interview with the heads of global communications for Mercedes, to Paris and directly into a car to Reims to visit the Hotel Du Marc of Veuve Clicquot for a few hours, only to be back in Paris by dinner, then driving through France, stopping by a chateau, sleeping on a ferry, only to wake up in the UK and end up at Goodwood, crash for a night in London, and have ended up in Mallorca yesterday. Phew. What. A. Week. Is your head spinning as much as mine right now just reading that?

Well before another week not too dissimilar than the last, the Orient Express has invited me to experience one of their relaxing escapes, and the timing seemed perfect to see the world of Hotel La Residencia, nestled in Deia, Mallorca, Spain while catching my breathe. Currently curled up on the patio lounge chair in a bathrobe with laptop staring out at the most serene town, mountainside, and peeks of ocean 5 minutes away as i write this post. And last night after getting in, you can see the delectable tapas and wine we indulged in… before coming back to a nice bottle of bubbly cava they kindly left for us… at which point i couldn’t not grab my camera and share the stunning star filled night and glow of the town. So before i give you a peek into the room ~ take a look at the breath taking night! Exactly what i needed after quite the euro-whirlwind of a week!

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Be Your Own Souvenir by blablabLAB

byos1.jpg Rapid 3d printing in the real world! Love this video that Justine found… i’ll let her fill you in on the rest!

Souvenirs are way more fun when you make them yourself. I loved pressing pennies as a kid, but never dreamed I might be able to make a 3D print of myself! Love this project called Be Your Own Souvenir from Barcelona based blablabLab.

The project uses custom software developed using openKinect and openFrameworks. To create an army figurine style souvenir, visitors use 3 kinect sensors to create a 360-degree scan which creates input pointclouds. Meshlab then uses these combined pointclouds to create a Poisson reconstruction, which is cleaned up via Blender and Skeinforge before being fed into a cnc machine (Rapman 3.1), which prints out the souvenir. Voila! Now, seriously, check out the pics and video of it in action on the next page!

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funder1.jpg TIME/LIFE: Science/Library - A Revolution in a Quiet Room… WOW. Mixing Dan Funderburgh’s signature detailed style with the scientific retro slant of TIME/LIFE… all in gorgeous Vallery in Barcelona. WIsh i could be there! And wishing i could get that microscope wallpaper you see above! Also the jellyfish and other bio organism vinyl stickers on the walls look stunning as well! See more pictures i found over at Funderburgh’s flickr feed after pouring over the Fox Is Black’s post… as well as some from the Vallery, which even has prints for sale!

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Valencia Design Week

valenciamain.jpg Valencia! Spain! Design Week! This year, Valencia Disseny Week invited lots of design writers out for design week, which unfortunately overlapped exactly with my Scotland adventures! Luckily Leo was able to pop over there to help me see what was going on…. and take lots of pics! Sounds like there was LOTS of food, design talks, and quite a bit of exploring and getting to know their city ~ so, from his adventures, i’ve pulled some of my favorite pics, and he’s explained what’s going on in them on the next page! Ready for a designer look through pictures of Valencia? Take a peek on the next page!

p.s. Cute detail on their part branding logos and names on customized moleskines…

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Tast.es Catering

tastes.jpgTast.es: Disposable Elements For Catering - firstly, awesome use of the .es domain - secondly, the Conran ROJO launch was incredible, and i have still yet to do a proper post on it, there was so much, it's all coming out in pieces... strangely enough i actually indulged in some of the various catering finger foods coming around simply so i could poke at the beautifully designed mini dishes they were served in! How cute is this soup bowl/shot glass? It looked so strange and possibly uncomfortable to sip from, but honestly its curvature was perfect to put your lips up to and have the soup slide right in (no embarrassing dribbles or anything of that sort). I even had the url on the bottom of it emailed to me as soon as i finished drinking it so i wouldn't forget to see what else they have... and low and behold, there is more awesome catering ware from Tast.es! So see larger images of the whole collection on the next page, and someday when we throw a party, i will definitely have to look these guys up.

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