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CES: Intel Infoscape HD Wall

intel1.jpg Wow. Possibly the coolest UI to play with at CES this year ~ with all of these spinning cubes of links, you can touch any of them and details will pop up. the Intel’s Inside Scoop blog gives us the specs: “Two - 7x7 - 1920x1920 resultion - double-HD, double-touch touch screen glass walls. Each wall is powered by a single all new 2010 Core i7 processor w/ Intel Hyper-Threading technology and Intel HD graphics. Its rendering 576 live links of information, pulling from 20,000 different content sources and over 20 live feeds from global news sources and networks like Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and intel.com.” It was quite a thrill to watch people walk up to this enormous touch screen cube ~ touch it ~ have a huge grin spread across their faces… and it all made perfect sense. It could even handle dozens of people browsing at once! Take a look at more pics and a video on the next page! (While the pics are mine ~ i had a bit too much fun playing with it ~ sorry i got too distracted to make a video at the time!)

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Virgin America UX

va0.jpgBy now i'm sure you've heard about and seen the flashy Virgin America website and all the sweet goodies they've packed on to their flights - from the plugs at every seat, the neon purple/blue mood lighting, ordering drinks, movies, and tvshows with the swipe of a credit card, seat to seat chat (yes. imagine the possibilities... close quarters stalker possibilities on a long flight?!?!), google maps to track where you are, and even the cutest animated saftey video (youtube below). Anyhow, i got a chance to fly Virgin America for the super quick flight up to SFO from LAX for the Oakley event... and since my hour long flight was delayed another hour (sf fog!) i took some pics of the plane, my empty row, and the RED Entertainment UI while i was sitting in there. (I also found a nice little video of the UI in action on Youtube).

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View At...

View At... is an incredible collection of panaoramic/google map mashups that JuanK just shared over at NOTCOT.org. And they are breathtaking... suddenly feeling the travel bug again, and just clicking through these (with their great ability to navigate and float through these worlds), i almost feel like i'm an arm chair traveler bouncing across the globe. As you can see, you can even embed them... so click and drag to explore Collioure - Chapelle St Vincent: "Famous as one of the most beautiful village in France, Collioure welcomed Van Gogh and Matisse who enjoyed the light and the colors of this place." A few more random screenshots and panoramas i love below, but for the full experience, you must go see View At.org. Also try clicking the full screen icon on any of these panoramas, they will be a nice little escape between all the working... also don't forget to tilt up and down, not just left and right... (i.e. you can see the feet and the tip of the eiffel tower below!)

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Nike Clock Interactive

Pardon my premature posting earlier (previous Nike Gone Running Clock post) ~ i was too excited to be playing with the real thing in my hands i forgot to hunt down more info. Luckily for you (and me) Rob over at I Love Substance left a note that the online Women's Nike Store with the Interactive Gone Running Clock ~ best part? You can drag the hands around, and they have an anti-excuse for any time you pick about why you should be running. Some of my favorites are below. AND? For all of you that wanted your own, you can register and get one.

Also, above is my favorite one of all - "The internet will be here when you get back. Promise." I think thats my cue to back away from the laptop... and perhaps run a little.

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symbaloo.jpgSymbaloo just popped up on NOTCOT.org thanks to John Hawkins, and it was kind of visually interesting, and worth a note for its user experience. First impression, overly web 2.0, and oh so bubbly... reminds me of a homepage version of that Optimus Keyboard... meets the periodic table? Another overly mashed pile of widgets, RSS feeds, searches, etc... but i like the icons (they remind me a lot of the PSP, PS3 navigation icons). And the way you can drag things to the trash in the middle. Also that you can customize the size of the grid you'd like, either based on standard browser sizes, or you can manually add/subtract them. Dan (my other half on all things UX) completely disagrees with my even posting this ~ but although i couldn't imagine actually using this, i'm intrigued... particularly by what is in their Secrets/Work in Progress section (more after the jump)... like news images showing in the squares: "The latest headlines in a visual environment! It comes with text-rollover's and deeplinks to the full story." and also their tv guide integration and map searches with their icons on the maps. So nothing terribly new, but some interesting ways to visualize? I'm posting this one in the name of research on grid views and visual views of news/data... kind of like Yahoo's OMG - i love how theirs have quick news pop up over the image, and leaves a check mark over ones you've read.

Funny how squares as image thumbnails are in isn't it?

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Anymails - i can't stop watching the videos of this incredible flash/processing project that visualizes your email boxes as its own little ecosystem of organisms - moving, and blobbing about... linking up in groups... changing in size, color, speed, hairiness - depending on read, unread, responded, type, newness. The program uses Apple Mail, and the code is available, although i have downloaded and been too chicken shit to run it yet, that "be careful if you have a large number of emails" thing has me a little weary.

The project was developed by Carolin Horn (Design & Concept) and Florian Jenett (Code) during the MFA thesis “Natural Metaphor For Information Visuzalization” at the Dynamic Media Intitute Boston in 2007. You can see more images, download the full thesis and code, and watch some incredible videos of it in action at their site. For the flash bits with the gorgeously pulsating creatures, see more below as well. (via Information Aesthetics)

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Kasil Site

On pretty flashy sites, a few weeks ago i was browsing denim lines and came across Kasil's site which stood out in its nicely textured, layered site (versus the usual hard to navigate boring same old lookbook imagery?). My favorite part of this side of Kasil is their naming of their washes! (see image below) The washes are named Atlantic, Baltic, and Pacific - with a corresponding cylinder of dark to light blue gradient (complete with subtly moving bubbles). It's refreshing to see a denim site thats gone out of its way to really give its brand a unique look which goes beyond its logo, buttons, and pocket details, with this artistically playful feel.

More exciting news about Kasil's jeans... but before that i just wanted to take a second to focus on their great graphic+web design.

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Portfolio Infographics

Still fixating on Portfolio - just got lost in their multimedia section... and the bloomberg redesign was previously featured on .org, but i hadn't had time to fully explore Portfolio then. Loving their infographics like the interactive one above on Salary Comparisons where you can drag the arrow to see how the ratio has grown over the years. They even have E.Q. quizzes to see if you have what it takes to be a CEO - much like those you'd find in cosmo, only better typography and graphics. They even have gorgeous quizes to see whether you can spot the knock off, or pick which tie is cheaper (screenshot below).

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Puma Urban Mobility Site

Puma Urban Mobility - Ok, i've shown you the stuff... and gushed hard about the design and wood integration in the products already... but thats nothing compared to how i'm feeling about the icons and imagery on the site that goes with. I will let the screenshots speak for themselves, but i'm all over this one for: 1. the icons... esp when animated. *swoon* 2. the maps 3. the drop shadowed speech bubbles... oh and also the colors and flatness... as well as the old school "fit the pieces in" packing puzzles!

Sidenote: on Puma iconography... remember these great inspirational ones on the door during construction?

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Walk Score

Odds are if you are reading this, you PROBABLY should check the Walk Score of your current location and get walking. I mean seriously, we spend a bit too much time at our computers... well me at least. Apparently my current walkscore is well in the green, at 88% - what is that, a B+? A-? Its been a long time since i've thought about grades. "70 - 90 = Very Walkable: It's possible to get by without owning a car."

This is an interesting mashup - Walk Score uses a patent-pending algorithm to calculate the walkability of an address based on: The distance to walkable locations near an address, calculating a score for each of these locations, combining these scores into one easy to read Walk Score. More details below on how the calculate an areas walkability...

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Poor Lamp

The Poor Light is a brilliant project by Poor.nl - which is "a module - pictogram accompanying the design, appears in various situations, emphasizing the places where the light, though present, is not encased within the frames of the object used to lighten the given area." The result is a set of options ranging from the Lamp ScreenSaver, Lamp made of glow in the dark stars, and black cloth cut outs... (via Moco Loco)

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Face your pockets

What's in your pockets? Face Your Pockets is a great scanner art project scanning the faces and pocket/purse contents of people... its one of those fascinatingly voyeuristic pieces that you can't stop browsing through, and the style of the imagery takes the whole "what's in your bag" themed photo groups to a whole new level. via Evasee.

You too can contribute your face and pockets: "The process. Place the objects on the scanner. Place your face/part of it on the scanner as well. Aaaaand scan it! Send us the picture you've got to: faceyourpockets@gmail.com -- (Don't forget to mention your name and occupation. Also the email should include the list of objects you've scanned - keys, granny's photo, gum etc.) & Attention! During the scanning process it is recommended not to open your eyes. If you feel that you can handle it and open them, DO NOT follow the light on its move! The authors of this project didn't find any side-effects on themselves. However, the authors do not bear the responsibilty for possible consequences. At your own risk :)"

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Burst Labs

The Discover interface of Burst Labs is mesmerizingly brilliant ~ and there's a melody for every mood you could possibly feel or imagine, and truly one of the most refreshing flashy user experiences i've encountered recently. Burst Labs is the latest brainchild of The Burst Collective: which Compose + Produces Music, Licenses Music, Records Music, and now gives you an incredible multi sensory experience to browse this ambient digital music space. Odds are you've already heard their music and didn't even realize it... (the list of shows has too many that i'm sure you know to even figure out which to tell you about). So the next project i do that needs a soundtrack, sound clip, or if i were to play some music here on NOTCOT, i'll definitely be looking at Burst Labs.

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i'm in like with you INVITE

For one day only ~ I'm in like with you gave us an invite code (NOTC) for any of you to join their exclusive beta of this hot new "online flirting site". And to be honest, you don't have to go there to flirt, you can go and play games - get to know people - explore their innovative UI... after all this site is going to change the you envision social sites, and the user experience will blow you away, not to mention they are only in the first stages of it. This site has been hyped throughout the internet the last month or so, and i've been playing with it quite a bit (i even started a game for you to come join me and test things out).

Lost? I'm in like with you has been introduced as an "online flirting site": with their own monetary system (points: you start with 500, and you earn more as you do simple things like login, answer questions, play games - like WoW or SL) and the interaction between users is through games ~ simple questions and challenges you present, and people bid points to play and give you quick little responses. You can wink at a user to encourage them... and at the end of the game you can pick the winner, allowing you to message them through the internal messaging or im, or even sms or call them, without divulging the phone number on either side! (Nice touch to maintain privacy). Although this is starting out with the flirting and game playing, there is a lot of potential here, and this just may become the next social site you use to browse your rss feeds, chat with friends, the usual... and then some. More screenshots below.

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Some Ecards

I can't imagine sending any other e-cards other than these... to people with a sense of humor. Couldn't stop laughing and browsing when i saw these "Some Ecards": when you care enough to hit send that Evan over at Cool Hunting found. And as you can see, i couldn't decide which few were most amusing, bitter, hilarious... so here are 12 that seemed worth sharing, but there are MANY more for every situation you may (and hopefully will not) need a card for. "It was created by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell, and designed by Jerry Tamburro. New cards, categories, and features will be frequently added until everyone involved with the site dies."

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The work of McFaul got posted on .org and its been the inspiration fixation of the day... check out these murals he did for the BBH offices. Also noteworthy is the Bernstein & Andriulli site UI, something really nice and clean and sleek i'm loving about it.


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