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Evil Nine f. Aesop Rock- 03.19.05

Picture 3.jpgShhhh… don’t wake the baby. I know you see that image there. And i know its pulling your curiosity strings… hard. So click and go watch already. “CROOKED”: It’s a great song by Evil Nine featuring Aesop Rock, and animated by the wonders of Preloaded.

Picture 4.jpg
Oh oops, you woke the baby. So now you have to watch it again.

And for their great album art:

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this is great!

----- djandybgood 12.08.07 00:41

Aesop Rock is one of the best hip hopers ever!! Norwegian fan

----- freestead 23.11.05 07:58

FYI: Aesop Rock is going to be playing sunday Coachella next month! And this video is addictively good. Spread it around more.

----- me 20.03.05 07:22

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