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Freefalling to Earth- 03.18.05

WOW. Here’s one to really help your luddite paranoid conspiracy theorist friend prove his point to you. Or help you feel safe in your tech driven ever shrinking world. Your choice.

But look at that visual? What is this Freefall?

Freefall puts the wonders of satellite exploration at your fingertips, simulating the flight path of more than 850 actual satellites — Global Positioning Systems, GOES, NOAA and other unclassified orbiters used by amateur radio stations, weather services, search and rescue teams and more.

Simply put, it’s an incredible screensaver and program which allows you a better understanding of the world and our many satellites in nice 3D rendering videos of real time. Now if only we could see what the satellites saw or were processing, that WOULD be something… for now i will settle playing with this fun little prog, being mesmerized by the imagery and the options it allows. More NORMAL, less intensly overwhelming picture after the jump.

Found at CreativeGeneralist


sidenote: katamari damacy has warped my brain. I look at this image and think, wow, my father would be proud, i have made a nice earth, it is filled with many things, including little orbitting objects.

And because the potential to use this program for instant motion filled abstract digital art is endless… this just amuses me. Below we have all the GPS Satellites (with tails, sensors, radio links, etc)


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