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Readers- 03.18.05

Bored Frustrated PinkCiao Ciao. Welcome all the readers who have been frequenting this newbie site. Just wanted to take a moment to fill you in on who we are and what’s going on. This is the graphic that got us going to start this site, (from ShadeElaine )… so trial hand t-shirt print starting soon kind of a tribute to our state of being/ideas.

but just out of curiosity, let me know if there’s any interest in others wanting shirts as well, i assume it can’t be too hard to pop a shirt in the mail to people. ~notcot

Who we are? Mostly me and a few so far silent partners. I love design, the aesthetically gut pulling in the everyday, be it flat, digi, tech, art, food, movies, basically whatever makes that feeling in the pit of your stomach… kind of like love, but even more inexplicable.

What’s going on? Posting things that amuse me (and maybe soon, us). Not necessarily filling a specifically describable niche that has yet to be filled by other sites i often read… but simply sticking to what inspires and pokes at our curiosity. We figure, if it makes me go “oooh” maybe it will make you do the same.

Been working on server side issues (including checking out logs, which to our surprise helped us realize we have readers!) and also this is part of a series of just boredom-killing, productivity through doing, projects. The other of which is experiments in t-shirt printing… so this is the graphic that got us going to start this site, (from ShadeElaine )… so trial print starting soon kind of tribute to our state of being/ideas.

So thanks for the support everyone, and keep checking back!

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