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Rose of the Vineyards- 03.30.05

atelier3.jpgOne more from L’Atelier du Vin that seemed worthy of its own post. Their description combined with image describe it so well…

The rose, sentinel of the vine. Walking through vineyards we often see roses planted at the end of a row of vines. Is it because wine-growers are romantics? Some of them certainly are, but there is another explanation for the presence of rose bushes among the vines.
What roses and vines have in common is that they are susceptible to the same diseases “powdery mildew and grey mold” with rose bushes showing the symptoms earlier. When the wine grower sees that the roses are affected, he knows that the vines will be too and that he must treat them as soon as possible.

So you can now witness the “in vitro” propagation and cultivation of this natural vine thermometer in this vial containing a non toxic nutrient, a transparent gel developed in collaboration with NASA scientists.

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Interesting, but I find your spelling of vial to be distractingly vile!


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