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Sleeve Scarf- 03.10.05

indigopeople_sm.jpg A random and brilliant idea over at Hint Fashion Magazine’s shop, a hybrid of wearable objects to keep you warm, it can transform between being literal sleeves to keep your arms warm (not a far reach from those tiny sweaters that are really just connected sleeves) and a scarf wrap around to give your neck a very bizarre looking hug to onlookers… a twist on the old… or a new take on recycling?

Indigo People “Sleeve” Scarf When we finally wrapped our heads around this sleeve-inspired flannel scarf-made especially for Hint by Indigo People-it was love at first thought. Finally, someone who appreciates our dual needs for function and frivolity. (We then, in turn, immediately wrapped it around our heads.) This is not trompe l’oeil. With the scarf tied snugly around your neck this winter, you can actually slide your arms into its two sleeves-cuffs and all. Did we mention it makes the perfect gift? As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Unisex, one size fits all, shipped anywhere. $37.00

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I am looking for black or brown or both furry sleeve scarf. Please help

----- Ruth Walker 21.03.06 07:03

oooh. google ad for a mongolian sheepskin boa. and its purple! hahaha. i want one. =P

----- jus 17.07.05 17:16

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