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Tray6 Rain Gear- 03.21.05

tray62.jpgIt’s been raining again here. To the point where umbrella’s are becoming a neccessary accessory to people’s every day, and the attempt to find the best quality and least mundane (with a sense of class and edgy twist) is not a simple matter.

Tray6 claims to be “giving makeovers to objects who have lost their oomph”… and focusing on “breathing life into forgotten objects”. Yes, basically a design group who is making umbrella’s fashionable and outfit matching. The refreshing greens, pinks, blues, and browns available are a breath of fresh air in a dark greyish world of rain.

So here’s the one that matches notcot’s background. A few more colorful images post jump. Also, ‘luckymag’ at checkout will get you a nice 30% discount.

This green one is particularly cute.

Here you can see all the variations:

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