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Ambiance NOW- 04.15.05

img_fragrance.jpgOr “Alora Ambiance” in a nice blend of languages. I saw these a while ago, but only recently went on a air freshener hunt for my friend’s apt that is desperately in need. I wanted the alternative to glade plugins and whatever that new thing is on tv where the family gathers to watch the “puffs” come out to know its working.

So as usual, first grab is by the visual. This is a gorgeous way to display the fragrance, glass bottle with wooden sticks gently stuck into it to “diffuse” the scent into the room. Even supposed to last 4-6 months on one bottle.

Next, the story. Italy has a soft spot in my heart, especially Lago di Como and the surrounding regions since it was my half hour train ride escape from the city for a year… so no surprise in finding out that this was developed/inspired by two Minnesota sisters who lived there for 15 years [and it certainly makes more sense of the name as well]. Alora Ambiance

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Just a reminder… ambience is a french word, straight up stolen, it was.

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