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Boxing… On Good Design- 04.18.05

Black Walnut Boxes In Boxes.jpgQuestion to you… what constitutes good design? People always say “you can’t design in a box”, implying that without inspiration and viewing the real world, and keeping up to date with what is “out there” you can not imagine and create the work dreams are made of. I suppose this is great for all the people who can take someone’s idea and do it better. Or the person who manages to take the good parts of everyone elses ideas and put them together. But that doesn’t really account for the crazy so off the wall, no one in their right mind said it would work, until it just did (and they scramble on the bandwagon eating their words as fast as possible). I guess you can just call them outliers… random mutations in the ideas and trends the rest fell into?

And good design… well just IS. It’s not completely relative to the world around it constantly is it? Within reason? And if that is so, and it is all so subjective… how does one manage to charge “reasonably” for such a service. Or was it Art when it was free of opinions? and just was… design has to fit into the context of the things around it?

I forget. Enlighten me. I found a design rut in my head…

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