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Ethernet Wearables?- 04.02.05

superlooper2.jpgFirst things first, i wish this came in black. That being said, Its a nice idea, simplifying down an internet crossover cable into simply the adapter (and a keychain or tiny portable version) at that.

Or you could just carry the Ethernet Crossover Adapter on your keyring and forget about those stupid numbers. Along with our Ethernet Loopback Jack, the crossover adapter could just help you out of a tight network jam. And besides, having this adapter on your keyring quietly shows the world your status as a prepared geek.

Yea, a “prepared geek”… or someone who appreciates some of the finer details that make life easier at those unsuspecting moments? And see the Internet Loopback Jack below… i kind of like the colors/design of that one better… talk about a bizarre necklace. Hm or a new variation of those BFF heart necklaces you break in half and give half to your friend? They are two of a kind, and fit together nicely…ThinkGeek

Ok fine, i kind of want one.



Have you ever needed to quickly check a network cable for continuity? Locate which switch port corresponds with a particular wall jack? Wanted something on your keyring that shows your geek status? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you need the Ethernet Loopback Jack. The Ethernet Loopty what? It’s a small RJ-45 modular plug like you’d find in a wall jack. You can connect one end of a network cable to a switch port and the other end to the loopback jack, and if the RX/TX pairs in the cable are good you’ll get a link light on the switch. So, this gives you a quick and easy way to test network cabling.


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