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Gardening with OXO- 04.06.05

1063864_3a_1.jpg1063863_3a_1.jpgOXO good grips revolutionized the way my kitchen and cleaning functioned… suddenly the only options i allowed myself were “rubberized, ergonomic, gorgeous to leave around” or more Restoration Hardware, stick to the classic old school styles. [Naturally leaning towards OXO-izing my whole process for comfort]. So you can imagine i was excited to see that they are branching off into the world of home gardening, although not much of a yard to garden in at the moment, they are just pretty to look at, and when the time comes that i need to, these are high on the list.

Besides, even at home you could use a wateringcan, and i love how this one rotates back onto itself, not only saving space, but also minimizing drippage? Enjoy OXO, and remember these aren’t available till Summer ‘05.

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