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Squid! Baster. Silicon.- 04.04.05

baste_k8611.jpg11_red_mitt.jpgSilicon: you squish it, it comes back. You heat it, it survives. Naturally what else would you ever use to design cooking goods, especially a Squid inspired cooking baster? Today’s theme is Silicon cooking goods. Its a great innovation recently in kitchen accessories, and as far as design, this is the most uniquely appealing one i found.

Enter Isi’s Orka line of silicon goods, there is also the Silicon Oven Mitt, with a slight hint of an orca like shape… so part hand puppet, part useful heat resistant glove.

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i’ve actually tried the orka oven mitt and i don’t like it at all. maybe my hands are just to small, but even if it is heat/cold/everything proof, it’s just not ideal for gripping.

----- jus 04.04.05 06:11

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