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100% Chocolate- 05.09.05

07.jpg100% Chocolate basically says it all… The Japanese interior design group Wonderwall created this amazing space in Tokyo in collaboration with the Groovisions (remember those screensavers from nissan in the start of notcot?)…

The theme is “Chef’s Table in the Kitchen.” The entire establishment is rendered as a chocolate kitchen, with a table placed within to accommodate invited guests. Covering one of the walls are 56 different types of chocolate blocks, tastefully placed in glass showcases.

This exquisite boutique food experience looks like quite the indulgence for all your senses. Wallpaper discussed its role in the evolution of choclatiers, and the new trend moving towards innovation in packaging, presentation, and “product development”… catering to a more design-literate audience. With a combination of idiosyncratic flavors (green tea? gin and tonic?) and ceilings of enormous cubes of imitation chocolate… and Groovisions clean funky graphics… who can’t help but forget their woes for a few divine moments?

more images following… this post inspired by a need for some bliss, preferably in the form of quality dark chocolate mixed with playful classy visuals to tease my senses into oblivion.




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