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Cardboard Robot- 05.04.05

Cardboardrobot.jpgCARDBOARD ROBOT! (l-r) Total Recall (our governator), fuzzy antler hoody, Panic Is Your Enemy (Artic and Subartic Survival, Figure 15-3. Prevent snow blindness. /Improvised cardboard sunglasses), Greetings from California, Coolest Silkscreened/Cardboard chair yet.

So this is one of the Coachella posts, the guys from Cardboard Robot had a funky little irresistable booth out at the festival, and by the end of saturday night i caved and bought the Panic Is Your Enemy shirt, they are fun, they have more meaning than simply silly t-shirts… they started with an 8mm short film that focused on excessive age of technology.

In short, i love these guys! More reasons why? They have lots of shirts in girls sizes (too many a time we encounter great designs that either don’t have girl versions, or they don’t work well on a smaller scale). And anyone who can play in the digital age and still be passionate about the possibilities of X-acto knives and cardboard is high on my list. Cardboard Robot

p.s. did i mention they also have little buttons on each shirt? I’m a sucker for those tiny shiny buttons.

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Cardboard Robot is, without a doubt some sick shit! Thanks for that, Notcot! Anyone interested in copping a few CR tees, should check this out: Cardboard Robot. Peace, Subcitizen.com

----- Jason Maier 13.12.07 12:23

HEY ROB!!!!!!
This is Stephenie from Houston. I just found your web site & wanted to say HI! Umbelina gave me 2 samples & I LOVE THEM! I’m wearing your pink cardboard robot tee (Greetings from Cali) right now. I hope all is well & I’ll talk to you later

----- Stephenie Alloy 11.11.05 06:19

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