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Core77 is my hero.- 05.27.05

gameteaser_main663x320.jpgPak-Lite_9volt.jpgCore77 is my hero this week. Because they found this great article in the NYTimes on those crazy tiny LED flash lights that just clip onto rectangular 9Volt batteries that i blogged about ages ago… and i love hearing the stories about the design behind the goods. AND they blogged LEGO STAR WARS! which was my secret indulgence that i had trouble admitting i was enjoying thoroughly when my friend kept pulling me into co-op mode in. use the force, shake down everything for money, and go find the disco dancing while being a lego wookie… and hop around as a one legged C3PO.

p.s. best quote on the pak-lite “It successfully served Mr. Henry’s brother as he hiked the 2,600-mile length of the Pacific Crest Trail.” Amazing.

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