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Shu-Shu, Baby- 05.11.05

lv_shu01b_df.jpg“Shu-Shu, Baby” is what Sinatra inscribed on a make up case for Uemura. This article chronicles the rise of Shu Uemura from the 1962 “My Geisha” to Marilyn Monroe… all the way to the new SF Fillmore store opening on Weds.

Additionally the SF Gate describes the work of Ai Yamaguchi (seen in this image working on the mural) and her relationship with Uemura from her sponsorship of her first solo show in LA after being part of the Murakami Factory…

Surrounded by fog, she’s accompanied by girls with teal manga eyes representing Japan’s seven gods of good luck, all paddling through shallow waters dotted with blossoming lotus plants and reeds, which is what Yamaguchi imagined they would encounter beyond landfall. The journey has transformed them all, and they will undergo more change upon landing in San Francisco, Yamaguchi said.

The characters are apparently on a journey to find strength, and the makeup and brushes in the store will come to further transform them. She also uses shimmering gold swirls to represent changes in time as well as allusions to the gold rush which she “studied in school”. Fascinating read… continue here.

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not big on cosmetics myself, but I’m definitely going to visit the mural and see Uemura’s package design when I’m in SF this summer.

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