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Target Flap Over- 05.18.05

B0002XR9Q8.16._AA384_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgClassy, Simple, Sleek, minimalistically girly with a tinge of professionalism? and 24.99$ from target. This is a big deal… for me to be posting target, at the mention of this my friend just said “you? buy a bag from target?”… so yea i’m a bit of an anal bag elitist. See, at least i’m honest. And when it comes to laptop bags, i’m even worse, and spending range in the past has been pretty high, until i have resorted more to nice sleeves in sweet messenger bags (currently toting and old school brown worn leather JCrew number).

Anyhow back to the point, this bag looks pretty great, and hangs well over the shoulder. I’m debating whether to purchase it… PROS: Looks great, and i dont have a good for looking professional walking into a meeting bag. [it also comes in a great shade of red/green/white on black polka dots] It is also has a cross patterned quilting interior that seems sufficiently padded all around… nice leather accents/base/straps/cell phone holder on the side. CONS: um, where does the charger go? cables? ipod? clutch wallet? sketchbook?

So that’s my debate. To buy or not to buy? Always seems to be the question on this site? And after Target’s big move on the prescription bottle redesign, taking on big designers, and their great design for the masses ads… i suppose i’m not so surprised at this great little find.

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