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Wine Chandelier- 05.07.05

glasklasen.jpgThere’s lighting, art, storage combining into a gorgeous functional piece here. Basically, you place your own glasses into this elaborate rack, and flip the switch to let the two bulbs within illuminate the full structure. So many ideas on how you could come up with variations on your own, or using different shaped/colored glasses. The structure comes fitted for 16, 40, or 75 glasses.

Storklasen (the Glass Cluster) is a chandelier and at the same time a repository for drinking-glasses with stems, either with all glasses alike or of various combinations and colours. With two clear bulbs, e.g. a carbon-filament lamps with two pendulums/electric fittings, Storklasen will provide a pleasant lighting where reflections from the 76 glasses creates lights and patterns on surrounding surfaces in the room. Storklasen is a genuine product of Swedish art industry, designed by a team of two architects - Gunnar Cedervall and Björn Stillefors - and an industrial designer - Jörgen Pudeck. The manufacturing takes place in Sweden, at a smithy dating from 1840. The glasses in the chandelier are meant to be used and then replaced in the chandelier after being washed. Storklasen, including standard length pendulum, is adapted to fit over a dining table in a room with a height of 2.40 m. The Storklasen can be found only one surface treatments black lacquered. If you have a room of different height, or want to hang the chandelier in a different way, there are pendulums of different length made to order. Glasses is not included

Its a fascinating idea really… except for the dust and spiders that might enjoy all the crevices if you dont use those glasses frequently enough? And the price from 98 pounds up to 1,032 pounds with no glasses included, i kind of wonder if we could design our own?

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Is the wine chandelier available in the US? Please refer me to someone.
Thanks, Terri Cook

----- terri cook 09.06.10 10:12

Would like price on wine glass chandeller. Want to order 2

----- Karen Varacek 11.01.09 19:39

how do I find the wine glass chandellier?

----- cheryl Rubenstein 01.07.08 17:40

You can buy it pretty cheap in the states here: http://www.gnr8.biz/product_info.php?products_id=44

----- jane 17.10.07 08:52

I don’t understand the language for the wine glass chandelier. I want the 75 bulb version but can only find that size listed on your site.Is there an english version site or one in the USA. Patty

----- Patty 19.03.07 10:58

I’m a designer in Southern California and I need 6 of your wine glass chandeliers for 10 ft ceilings. Could you give me a quote with shipping to Orange California and the approximate time needed to complete the order.

Thank you

Theresa Mastroianni

----- Theresa Mastroianni 24.02.07 19:37

How can I purchase the Wine Chandelier and how much does it cost?

----- Jean 23.08.06 18:41

let me know if you sell in states,
can’t read page…thanks

----- loretta 01.08.06 11:40

They carry them at UrbanPeel.com!

----- John 15.05.06 03:23

Where can I buy the Glass Cluster chandelier? (The one made up of upside down wine glasses, designed by Gunnar Cedervall and Bjorn Stillefors

----- Lala 07.02.06 10:31

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