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Roadster for the kids- 06.08.05

saab02_roadster_big.jpgVroom vroom… goes the car. If i had kids, they’d need this. Why start your kid off with a mini bmw or ferrarri, when this just seems so much classier, and more robust… It’s just so slick, i needed to put the picture up. Via inspiration from ToiProtocol.

For the first ride. Age: From 12 month The Saab Roadster Car is an activity toy for small children. It has a clean and simple design, like Saab cars in general. The design of the Saab Roadster Car is based on the very first Saab, Sixten Sason´s prototype 92001.
length / 940 mm
color / black/natur
material / Body of ABS plastic/ Bottom chassi, Seat and Steering Wheel wood/metal


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That humongous steering wheel seriously adds like +10 in style points :)

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