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Walkie Bits- 06.30.05

walkie.pngRhythmic robots from Japan

They’re shaped like little turtles, and while they don’t offer a whole lot of robotic functionality, they will remember rythms tapped out o n their shells and walk to that rhythm. They can also run, play melodies, and so forth. Walkiebits, with the “world’s smallest class” (Takara) body, feature four modes: “Walk” in which the turtle shakes its rear as it makes sound, “Rhythm Mode” which will imitate learned rhythms as it walks, “Race Mode” in which the turtle runs, and “Sing Mode” where the turtle will play melodies with electronic sounds.

[via ToiProtocol]


Put simply, “Walk,” offers 8 different types of pattern depending o n speed and sounds that are played. In Rhthym Mode, the turtle will walk in synchronization with a rhythm that is “clicked” o n its shell with a finger. For example, clicking a 3-3-7 rhythm o n the shell will cause the turtle to walk in a 3-3-7 rhythm. It will repeat remembered rhythms three times, and can store up to 15 clicks. Race Mode will randomly cycle between “quick pace” and “slow pace” 6 times, allowing users to have races with multiple Walkiebits to “see how far they go.”
Six colors will be available: Orange, Mint, Pine, Melon, Peach, and Soda. Included with each is a pop-like multiuse storage case, though to be used as a candy case. The shell of the Walkiebit can be removed, so that users can enjoy themselves by making combinations such as “the shell is Orange, and the body is Soda.”

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They are you cute I now a site were you can get them it is at www.electronicpet.com

----- Tessa 27.08.08 21:46

One of the last places to have walkie bits is the ElectronicPetShop.com. They have a big range of colours and when I bought mine it had a personalised certificate and fact sheet with it.

Not only that but they sell them with English Instructions (Which most of them don’t have!)

----- Robert Fulton 23.06.08 02:52

When in the world can we get those? My nickname is turtle so i have to have on now!!!!! :(

----- Liz 02.05.08 15:17

i wish to own one now. how have i lived without one?

----- Bamm 25.03.08 07:47

Hey! Walkie Bits can be purchased from the Electronic Pet Shop and shipped worldwide. We’re trying to build up a collection of all the colours!
- www.electronicpetshop.com

----- Steve Jun 17.03.08 10:20

i love walkie bits they are soo cool and cute my bro has one and i love to see it walk around and sings its little songs it has theyare so awesome GO WALKIE BITS!!!

----- Camster 29.01.08 09:10

i need that!! :)

----- Emily 18.12.07 16:29

i got my walkie bits at a dave and busters as a prize,not knowing what it really did.they didnt come in the tin and there different colors from the ones iv found on the internet,but hey they work

----- walkie bit lover 20.11.07 06:03




----- danielle 27.10.07 06:08

I actually found my Walkie Bits at Dave and Busters - a restaurant/arcade in the US. They are sold in individual little baggies for 250 tickets won by playing arcade games.

----- Aza 08.10.07 16:36

i just got a pink one and it is soooooo adoreable! my friend calls it purttle. (don’t ask; she’s crazy!)

----- walkiebitsgirl 28.09.07 11:57

i have to have one! i’ve been meaning to research them and i just got around to it! man, i wish i hadn’t spent all my money getting my nails done yesterday! i have to have one! oh yeah!i’m going to e-bay. after i save up some more money….. if the phone bill doesn’t come soon….. sigh….

----- pretty nails 17.09.07 10:33

I have a walkie bits that was brought from Japan for me by a friend.I love it. Tis so adorable and cute. It crawls all over my desk.

----- Scarlet 19.05.07 15:01


----- jakkii-san ^^ 03.05.07 03:05

i love it.where are i buy?
i want answer.you write to me in my e-mail

----- jammy 19.03.07 21:06

For all of you guys who want Walkie Bits, go to j-list.com and you can order them there! They’re at regular retail price of $16.00, and they have all basic colors, plus deluxe kits for Walkie Bits. Just go to the search bar on the main page and search, Walkie Bits

Any more questions, feel free to email me and I’ll answer them. I recently purchased a Walkie Bits deluxe turtle in Melon, and it came with three shells, decorations, fun clothes and items for the turtle, and so much more!

----- Kitsune 23.02.07 14:17

Walkie bits are COOLIO!! :)

----- susie 05.10.06 13:03

Lol…some people sound really desperate:) I’m getting several of those from my Japanese friends (next to all the regional Hello Kitty’s:)..it’s good to have friends ;)

----- Keti 24.09.06 09:25

man i have got to have one they are so cute i might die if i don’t get now! help me email me at whitneyxu@gmail.com!!!!

----- Whitney 09.09.06 11:38

Hi all, found cheap Walkie Bits on this website.
Bought one and its way cool.


Cheers, Paul

----- Paul U 31.08.06 10:54

Hi Everyone,
Here is a working link of the English instructions



----- AnyToys 13.06.06 14:58

Heya !
I bought 2 of them from this eBay seller
And I’m pretty happy with them, they are so cute !

----- CrazyBotty 06.06.06 19:05

hello my mom is going to buy me one

----- hi-hi ooe yomi ushe 24.05.06 20:23

I really really really really really really need 1 help me or I’ll die

----- Weido 11.05.06 11:44

I want walkie bits!!!
Will the person who signed it as I have walkie bits email me atpoorlittlecrippledgirl@hotmail.com!!

----- Kayla Wolsiefer 24.04.06 10:29

i love mine!My dad got it in Japan!He is soooo cute and cool!

----- wildlife lover 26.03.06 09:50


Check ebay, thats where I got my blue walkie bits, which is the best thing ever! they are cute and adorable. I totally love mine.

----- Tai san 02.03.06 06:08

Yes. My father went to Japan last month for a bussiness trip and brought back one of these white/sky blue turtles for a present. They work quite well, and always corresponded toward my clapping sounds with elegance.

----- Rei Kana 25.01.06 16:27

Want blue polka dot one pink heart one and the green one

----- Pat 20.01.06 22:23

I need one not sure how to get please help me!!!!

----- Pat 20.01.06 22:21

My daughter (she’s 10) bought her first two of these today for 1199 yen each, so roughly about $10. She wanted more, but that’s all they had at the Toys R Us. She thinks they’re fun for being so small. Her blue one has polka dots on it and is named “Dots”. The yellow one has stars on it and is named “Star”. Original, huh? They are kinda cute.

----- Brutus 07.01.06 09:15

They are the best toys ever

----- Robert 04.01.06 14:19

You guys are so dumb! I live in Ohio and I have 2!
And I am 10!

----- Tommy Roberts 03.01.06 11:47

They are the best things ever made.
I’m getting one soon or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- robert 03.01.06 11:46

My brother got me two and they’re so cute and adoribal!!!

----- Mckenna Shier 25.12.05 16:42

Here you go, Thomas: http://www.takaratoys.co.jp/ir/eng/company/press-release/PDF/050630.pdf


If only I had a credit card. Dang.

----- Mai 18.12.05 07:05

Would like to get English instructions but cannot figure out how to get to them. Can you help me out?

----- Thomas A Alquist 16.12.05 09:01

My Walkiebit arrived today from Anytoys in London. Adorable. Still figuring out how he works since I can’t read Japanese, but he does lots of stuff on his own. Cost me an arm and a leg and my firstborn but I don’t care. Somebody has to start importing these.

----- Deb 15.12.05 21:16


----- Valentina 14.12.05 15:46

Need 1. i want the polka dot blue 1

----- Valentina 14.12.05 15:45

They are great. I have a couple, and my wife absolutely adores them (we live in Japan.) I put an article on my blog covering what they can do and English instructions here: Walkie Bits Decoded

Hopefully Takara will start exporting them internationally.

----- tempusmaster 02.12.05 06:33


----- JYKW 29.11.05 06:33

Damn I want one so bad. You reckon they’ll coem to america soon? Or have a website that sells/ships them to america?

----- Love At First Turtle 27.11.05 17:34

my friend got me a blue one from japan!! get 1 there soo cute!

----- leafy_rocks 27.11.05 09:57

omg! I want one soooo bad. I read about these in TIME magazine! SOMEONE GO TO JAPAN AND BUY ME ONE!

----- Turtleturt 23.11.05 18:07

OMG!! I have to have them, they are sooo cute!
I’m adding them to my Christmas list!! Do they ship them to America?

----- Kate McMordie 23.11.05 15:29

You want walkie bits?I have them!I get them imported in from japan.They are awesome!
email me for info!

----- I HAVE WALKIE BITS 23.11.05 10:55

i love these:) i have 2 turtles of my own as pets, but these are way cuter!

----- Roxy Heart 22.11.05 12:51

I know you can’t get them in America yet. I WANT ONE SOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* whoever thought that keeping them in japan for a while was an idiot.

----- Meredith 20.11.05 12:44

i would like to know if they can ship them to indiana cheap

----- jackie akey 08.11.05 16:32

OH. MY. GOD! I GOTTA have those!!! So cute!

----- ShadeElaine 01.07.05 01:36

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