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Black Hole in LA- 07.13.05

above01.jpgWOW. WOW. and well, WOW. I need to go find this and take pics soon.

The new vortex—shaped installation by architects Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues warps the flow of space with a featherweight rendition of a celestial black hole; “the deadliest force in the Universe.” Hovering over M&A’s courtyard, “Maximilian’s Shell” is the size of an apartment building and is a spectacle that has been stopping traffic along Silver Lake Boulevard since its unveiling. Constructed in tinted Mylar resembling stained glass, the vortex functions as a shade structure, swirling above the outdoor gallery through November 26th 2005.
The interior of the immersive installation creates an environment for enhanced social interaction and contemplation by changing the space, color, and sound of the M&A courtyard gallery. During the day as the sun passes overhead, the canopy casts colored fractal light patterns onto the ground while a tranquil subsonic drone from an integrated ambient sound installation by composer James Lumb (Electric Skychurch) entitled “Resonant Amplified Vortex Emitter,” lightly rumbles below the feet of visitors.

Truly beautiful and quite the architectural + artistic feat… at a complete loss for words. via Inhabitat.

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Yooowwwza! Coolness factor is in the red. I must see this thing. The description of the project on the Materials & Applications website is very funny.

----- Guttermouth 16.07.05 01:08

What is that crazy material? Anybody know? I want some!!! This seems really cool.

----- Drop 15.07.05 00:49

This thing is amazing. I luckily happened upon it while in LA, then made a post about it on Achinect.com discussions. I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it. Spectacular!

----- Alan Smith 14.07.05 19:07

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