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“T-shirts are a really cheap blank slate”- 07.20.05

nyttees.pngquote from the Editor of Cargo, Ariel Foxman. GUEST POST by RUGENIUS…

ok, here we go. so…as if to celebrate the release of NOTCOTs gorgeous new t-shirt design, the new york times is publishing an article in tomorrow’s style section on a hot new trend, limited edition t-shirts! talk about impeccable timing. the article has a handful of links to some old familiars like threadless.com…and some crap you might really regret clicking (avoid justdumped.com at all costs!). so maybe the times haven’t got all the hottest up…see old notcot posts for tshirts with more aesthetically pleasing designs…but still…pretty awesome article nonethless. and in case you haven’t already, send notcot your t-requests…and money. did you kids see the donate button yet? use it. out.

Hehe, thanks for the post. I leave you with this… Threadless is the new Gap? NYTs article here.

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