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Cool Feet, Airbrush Heels- 08.30.05

modelco.pngBuy this for any woman who has to run around in heels.

Cool Feet Airbrush Catwalk Heels is a foot cooling spray that instantly revives and refreshes sore tired feet with a fine mist of ache-relieving ingredients like cooling menthol to reduce temperature and temporarily relieve foot aches and pains; natural extracts of papaya for revitalization; bamboo to restore natural softness to the skin; chamomile to soothe; and the refreshing scent of peppermint to invigorate senses. ModelCo Tip: Keep a can of Cool Feet in your purse for a blast of icy instant relief throughout the day - when you need it most.

My feet want this. I can’t imagine anyone who has danced the night away, or run around working in heels all day who wouldn’t want this… assuming it works as well as it says?

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I think they could benefit from a better name for the product, and something about the packaging is very 80’s in a bad way.

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