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Skull Stationery- 11.22.05

skullstationery.jpg Found this company while wandering Villian’s Vault on Haight… would LOVE to have this… wouldn’t it be fun if i hand wrote posts? literally? “In a time where emails and text messages are commonplace, the traditional handwritten letter gains more importance… and when it comes time to write that ultimate love letter, or goodbye, nothing can replace sitting down at your old fashioned desk, pulling out this velvet lined engraved box, opening it to expose the delicate set of little skull stationery, while dipping your feather pen in its pot, and letting the words flow.” Can you imagine how incredible it would be to put all your old styled wit and evil plans down on this skull stationery? It really puts the process back into writing… in an elegantly devious way… I have fallen for the products by D.L.&Co… more to come in another post later?

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