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EASY.- 12.10.05

easy.png“That was easy.” It is a silly thing to post, but it amused me while i was in Staples waiting in line with a friend. And i’ve always had this soft spot for big red buttons… (long story short, some day my car will have a flip panel red eject button. many ideas what i may do, or not do)… and that human nature iressistability to pushing it. What is that all about? So here is the Staples $4.99 “EASY button” about 4” in diameter and made in plastic, another bizarre manifestation of a marketing ploy for the xmas season… see the fun commercials too. B/c somedays you just need an easy button.

UPDATE! I actually got hands on with an EASY button, FACIL button, and Yahoo! INSTA-YODEL button… videos, pics, etc.

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You have to love it ! I’m going out and buy a few.
I’ve been looking for a lower price alternative to the big price, big button solutions that are available for those with poor motor skills.
This may be the ticket

----- Ron 18.05.07 13:05

i was thinking of making it the GFY button, so when compusa or dell try to pass a lowball job offer i (and 10,000 other tech’s) have a response!

----- The Gardener 12.09.06 22:23

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience while waiting for me to post this info. For a complete step by step of hacking the Easy Button, please go to:

www.impulsedesign.com/easy_button.pdf Also, check out the end result.


Please spread the info and files to as many people as you can.

Best Regards,
Al Cohen

----- Al Cohen 18.07.06 07:34

d@ddY (or anyone that has hacked the easy button)- please can you provide specific instructions to do this for anyone who wants to do this, but has not done anything like this before… we want it to play the cirus theme song here at our office (its a circus!)

----- EASY? 04.05.06 16:07

A few months late I know, but I have a prototype complete with the RadioShack Voice Module. A few of the challenges:

Where to put the 9V battery?

The volume on the RS recorder is very low - I like the load “That was Easy” and was hoping to achieve something similar. If someone knows how to tweak it, let me know.

Where to put the record button. I snaked mine through the slot for the battery cover and have it glued to the bottom of the button.

----- Dave 03.05.06 18:12


can you please forward me your easy button hack by chance, i am looking to modify one for my friend. thanks


----- dekra 26.04.06 14:27

Searched the web (and 2600)- nothing turned up- big hunting happening for the doc and your talents- help

----- d@ddY 28.03.06 22:06

I’ve done it. My easy button now can record through the speaker and has an audio input jack.

Currently it’s saying, ” But I don’t like Spam”.

The article on how I did it will be in the hands of 2600 magazine shortly.

btw, mine now reads Evil instead of easy.

Once the article is published ( keep your fingers crossed ) Then I will post a step by step PDF


----- rifkey 21.03.06 06:23

I LOVE my easy button. I decided the other day that I should try to ‘hack’ it. I took it apart, saw the complex simplicity of the pc board, and added a little red LED under the button. The power to the LED is through the speaker leads. It’s a pretty cool effect, the whole button lights up and bounces to the sound of that guy’s voice.

----- Clark 10.03.06 16:16

I’ve decided I want to get this done and if succesful will post the results in 2600.com

Not here.


----- Rifkey 09.03.06 14:47

Any luck recording on the easy button?

----- joebob 03.03.06 09:15

Has anyone found a site with instructions on how to modify the voice or what it says? I have been searching and found nothing. The closest I could find, was to remove the button cover, then put in a picture frame voice thing to make the statment.

----- EvilErnie 01.03.06 11:33

Hmmm - I was thinking more along the lines of programming it with a different message. Something more engaging than ‘that was easy.’

----- Eli Singer 13.02.06 10:11

Hacking the Easy Button hehe… I’m glad I’m not the only nerd in the world who wants to do this. The answer is “easy”, but will cost about $20 at Radio Shack. Last time I checked, they have a re-recordable chip similar to this, but with a second button to record. It’s small enough to replace the pc board in this. If you replace the metal “clicker” in the Easy Button, it would fit right below. You could use the current clear rubber button contact, so the button would still work consistently. You’d just lose that “click click” sound that I love.

----- Kevin Holmes 03.02.06 06:18


----- Zion 01.02.06 06:15

Hey, I took this thing apart. Seems there is a microchip that controls the voice. Any way of replacing it or re-recording the darn thing so I can make it say, that was stupid?

----- That was stupid 31.01.06 09:45

if you play around with touching the connection sites, you can alter the pitch higher and lower

----- Z 27.01.06 16:47

Anyone know how to hack this thing? I’d really like to be able to make it say something else. Cheers!

----- Eli Singer 13.01.06 10:23

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