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Nomadic Museum- 12.13.05

Ok, so i’ve been a bit quiet because chaos has come (and not quite gone) and in the midst of it i drove up to SF on monday, and worked my way back down slowly then quickly Thurs (back in SD now)… BUT of more interest to you, is what i saw on the way up and down at the parking lot on the beach next to Santa Monica Pier… cranes stacking shipping containers strangely on the way up. Odd enough i figured. On the way back down they had become giant barn like structures… Apparently the Nomadic Museum is coming and will be exhibiting the more than 100 incredible large-scale photographic works and an accompanying 35mm film by artist Gregory Colbert’s Ashes & Snow exhibit of animal/human juxtapositions you need to see. This was originally exposed in Venice 2002, and again in New York earlier this year. SM Mirror Article [note: the pic is an old one of the NY installation… SM one isn’t quite ready yet]

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Nothing you will ever see will remind you with such poignancy as to how far we have drifted from the soul of the earth. This is great art. Walk from Seatle if you have to to see this exhibit.

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