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Folding SD- 02.07.06

sdusb.jpg UPDATE/REPOST This card was incredibly convenient this Asia trip (from needing to get files from someone while at lunch - to just wanting to throw a few more songs last minute onto my treo to listen to while in Narita Airport) - and it is SO CHEAP on amazon right now for only 67$. [I just tried setting up the amazon refferal account - so it actually helps NOTCOT when you buy through the link!… also that link is a sweet lil javascript rollover for this amazon beta i’m testing - i see it in firefox but not safari right now… worth checking out]

You may remember this one from a previous post, if not, you can go read it there… this post is to inform you that i recieved one as a gift… and it is great! I was a little skeptical at the quality of the card and whether it was practical to fold it (and how long that would last), but i’ve been playing with it constantly for the last few days, and must admit its brilliant… this new 1gig card of mine is perfect in the treo (and allows me to leave my previous 1 gig card dedicated to music). The hinge you must be gentle with, but certainly will withstand basic usage. It now replaces not only my usb key (which once looked small, and now looks like a behemoth) but also some form of an sd card reader (be it a pcmcia or usb chunk to carry around)… AND it came with that sleek SD card keychain carrier which is sleeker than both my USB key and the standard SD card boxes, and slips nicely into one’s wallet or pocket. At 130$ it was fully worth it. SanDisk SD II Plus

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