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GTI FAST bunny?- 02.16.06

Hehehe. It makes me giggle - this insane little FAST rabbit creature of VW’s new GTI which i’ve been a major fan of since the LA Auto Show [remember the sweet flocked GTI posters? now THAT was a great bunny] It’s an interesting gimmick to sell the car - and i do hate that it is increasing my attraction to the car. Cute though - love the tee’d off tail. I need to get a new car in the next month or so - should i get a GTI?

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i just previously just bought a 2007 GTI MKv and i also own a 2004 GTI MKiv. i just love the way german cars rides.. i just want a poster wit the car and the model toy car on it.. where can i find one at

----- sinned 11.04.07 13:38

I just bought a 2006 Black Magic GTI last Friday and I can’t stress enough how cool this car is. It’s fast…sporty…and REALLY eye-catching. Good on gas too!

----- Frank 23.07.06 21:16

I just got a GTI 1.8 turbo. My only complaint is after I shift into 4th gear, I have to slow down because I’m doing 90 mph. It is a rocket and taking S-curves is incredible! You will love it.

----- mgleason 01.06.06 09:01

i definitely would recommend the new GTi, that car is teh HAWTNESS!!! and so is the “Fast” that thing rocks, and if you decide not to keep it (if you get one) you can always get some good money off it from ebay.

----- LooP 17.04.06 22:14

omg, how did i miss this post? its awesome and really scary at the same time. has it got a killer underbite? where are its eyes? and why do i love it?

----- rugenius 24.02.06 13:11

I was reading about this fella, Fast, in a NYT article, though I’ve yet to enjoy an ad featuring him and his robotic voice. The single GTI commercial I’ve seen lately was not as unique as I hoped considering I really like the Burger King tv and Mini print ads the same firm has done. And I wonder if they’ll be able to get away with a “Fast as Scheisse” print ad in the US (hopefully!). Nice redesign on the new VWs, and I think the front grille shape will subtly steer you towards Audi when your future means demand new wheels. FWIW, my ‘03GTI is running strong and remains fun to drive, though my heart is still in my ex ‘74 911.

----- anshuman 20.02.06 01:10

the tail and ears say Pikachu

----- Anonymous 17.02.06 08:51

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