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Miss Bibi Minis- 02.23.06

Wow. French theme tonight it seems. Miss Bibi has some incredible miniatures - and again following the trend of the moment - precious metals forged into mini weapons/tools/objects as earings/rings/necklaces. In addition to these tiny shoes, guns, chandeliers, there are saws, charm necklaces of tools, hatchet looking weapons, magnifying glasses and more. Her design site is equally fascinating, filled with stop motion animations, slightly dark, slightly playful, mildly creepy. This line apparently takes its inspiration from “Cluedo” (yes yes, that detective game). “…they will please anyone with a dry, dark, irreverent humor and a taste for Monte Carlo’s luxury” [Monte Carlo being the designer’s hometown]… *noticed this one on the coolhunter, and on a side note, they are looking for tv personalities all over the world to do the “cool hunter tv show”… any comments on that?

Shade Elaine has started me noticing all the scissor/razor/gun/sword/knife miniature necklaces lately… and they really are popping up everywhere you turn, so does this means DRY, DARK, IRREVERENT HUMOR is in? It’s a sad, dark world. So if dark and dry is trendy, does that mean the anti-trend followers have to be bright and happy?

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Love this collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do I buy miss bibi?

----- Trinish 18.11.06 07:51

Absolutely adore this site. I cannot seem to find any way to get this jewelry. Any luck anywhere online??

----- L 21.03.06 16:06

I love to have knives and scissors and screwdrivers as purse or cell phone decorations, not sure about necklesses and rings… earrings are fine (as used by Michelle Yeoh in 007).
In terms of humor, I think the Giant Microbe Plush is drier and darker.

----- boba 25.02.06 14:44

Kitsch normally makes me want to puke — which is how I keep my figure — but I absolutely must have that shoe ring.

----- KRiSTOPHER DUKES 24.02.06 17:49

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