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Automoblox- 03.09.06

Wandering New York, found another toy car that needs to be added to the collection with the Playsam and perhaps the Plasma Car. It is ironic that while i need to be shopping for a real live car, i somehow end up with these gorgeous little abstracted pieces. So here we have Automoblox (doesn’t quite rolllll off the tongue now does it?) But these are “educational” and good for your child’s development. Frankly, i love the sketches of the design in the making on the website, and how the people who ride in the car remind me of super versions of those from the game of Life. There is a 17 number VIN on the bottom of the cars. The cars parts can be mixed and matched (from SUV, Minivan, Truck, Sedan, etc.) And it has even been in Car and Driver, Road & Track, and Business Week.

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it’s very interesting create a wooden toy inspirated by a contemporary design object

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