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Smak-thing- 03.31.06

smakompisar.jpgThe packaging looks just like those little Kubrick Toys, etc… but it has a hole that calls to you, calls to you to stick your finger in and feel the soft “comforting” thing inside… which ends up seeming like a sausage shaped hacky sack? And apparently you can get your logo embroidered on them, or have your own tag on it, and also customize the box for schwag. It comforts your hand? Or can be juggled? Someone explain, please. But they are cute and Swedish and have interesting packaging. And puzzled me enough to put it up. Smakompisar

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they’re from swedish duo design dessert

----- karin 31.03.06 10:47

I see you’re puzzled by the “Småkompisar”. Here’s the deal. The name is Swedish and means “Little friends”. They are really just little soft bags that you can hold in your hand and squeeze or toss about or snuggle with. That’s all. Guess you could play with one as a hacky sack, too. The package has no meaning except for in-store display. The hole is there so you can poke your finger inside and feel the soft little bag inside, and also to let you pick your favourite colour. They used to have them at the Designtorget stores,
http://www.designtorget.se/ but i don’t know if they still sell them…

----- Olle Zackrisson 31.03.06 06:50

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