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Cardboardistry Cont’d- 04.29.06

Ok - posted about the works of Paul Ahern a few days ago… and while it was some great work, the story is what sometimes brings it to that next level, and reading about his life and checking out this video, “Watch This House” by The Natural History 2003, that kick started the whole Cardboardistry era will just make you want one more… or inspire you to go out and make something!

I was curious about his technique, and here’s what Paul has to share “I do a drawing or select a photo, project it onto a huge (usually about 5’x3’) piece of cardboard and slice along all the areas that need to contrast. I’m essentially creating a black and white image, so I pull away the surface paper (which takes forever, and comes off in a zillion little shreds) where I want the black to be, and leave behind the white. Then I go in and delicately scrape away the residual paper fibers until I have achieved the desired level of contrast. Each one takes about 7-10 hrs to complete.” - More to share on new pieces/styles/below.

Take a look at this interesting new series he is working on - where smaller cardboardistry masterpieces are encase in resin with a little kick stand - desk ready and all… certainly a nice way to have a traditional pic of the family on your desk yet still have it pretty artsy/unique?


And his resume reads like a dream life - animator for A Scanner Darkly (which i just grabbed for my airplane reading) - Prop Master on many a show - Set Dresser - Art Director - NIckelodeon Commercials - Pepsi Commercials - so much fun stuff.

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I just have to say, thats a really unique stuff. Very Original.

----- Carla Alcantara 30.05.06 09:33

really really impressive!!!
also went to visit all the website and… woooow!!!

----- mrica 30.04.06 03:59

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