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Cocaine Chic- 04.19.06

While what’s old is new again - and couture is recycling incredibly fast… are we really at a point of Cocaine Chic being in? Well, CarteBlanche is the brain child of French Designers Jean-Philippe and Gaston Valeur- a “new luxury products company pioneering cocaine-chic couture”. Wow. But i think this opens up a whole new line of pharma merch - think of it the way beer brands advertise on billiard lamps and neon signage - can’t you see doc’s offices and hip loungey bars with crazy pill filled PILLows? Beanbags (i mean PILLbags)? The possibilities go so far. And they could be in different colors and shapes and sizes… So get to it someone - open the PILL bar or pharmacy? [via Core77]

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PILLows would be the perfect addition to DC’s Pharmacy Bar, one of my enduring favorites: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?node=cityguide/profile&id=799059

----- Lauren Cerand 19.04.06 07:08

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