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From the Fields- 04.15.06

Strange night, been through so many websites while i can’t sleep and somehow there feels like a dry spell in design/art inspiration [other than the very well covered salone events in milan] - untli i found these Field Figurines. Since this is Easter weekend, at first glance, i simply assumed they were made of chocolate. [and actually with the uprising of designer toys, i think there’d be a market for designer toy chocolate, you already have the molds made]. But i digress - the brilliant folks of Monster Factory designed these for the Collection of Foreign Objects exhibition “Generated Habitats” which is running till April 29 in Toronto. Far more pics below!

“Kyle and I cast close to 50 polyurethane scupltures from five silicone molds to produce our instillation which is titled From The Fields. It was a huge learning experience. The antlers were the hardest part, being the trickest to initially cast and mold.”




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I love these! I think I might want them hiding all over my house…bathroom cupboard, kitchen shelves, bookcases…it would make my day.

----- Sara 19.04.06 10:22

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