*notcot in design , 12:29

Into Your Folder- 04.02.06

“thats why i copy and paste, into your folder, the folder with your name, it’d be more than i could take if i just told you how i feel…” Such a cute song/video! Song by Plastic Operator and incredible Motion graphics artist BitState.

Read my old grad school friend’s site, Christian who had this cute entry “More than one year ago, when I started working in London I met two very nice guys. One was in a duo electro-pop and the other a very talented motion-graphic designer. After having heard the song “Folder” from Mat, the musician, I instantly thought how much a lovely song like that could have success if represented from a very nice and funny video. The only person I knew that would have been able to do was Pete, so I introduced the guys to each other with the hope that one day that thought would have come reality. After many months of dealing with the label that published the song and some very interesting preliminary sketches, the movie has been finished. I didn’t put any effort on its development but I’m still proud that my senses pushed me to make this guys meet. Enjoy this master piece! “

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